monthly favorites

I know everyone is saying this, but February always goes by SO quickly. I know there’s a few days difference, but it feels like we had like 15 extra days last month. Happy birthday to all the leap year babies, especially my big brother! Here’s what I was loving the most this month, my monthly favorites.

monthly favorites:

  1. SD CARD READER – Apple
    • This has completely changed the game for me. I recently got a camera & didn’t wanna do the whole wifi thing to transfer pictures to my phone (I’ve heard it’s kind of clunky). It only takes a few seconds to transfer all your pictures over, you just plug it into your phone & put the SD card in. Perfect for when you’re trying to get those pictures edited & over to insta.
  2. TRIPOD – iKross
    • I got this tripod months ago and I’ve been loving it ever since. It can extend up to 61 inches tall & it’s pretty sturdy. ALSO for those of you who use your phone instead of a camera, this has an attachment for your phone! It’s the reason why I got it & I’m glad I did. A lot of the times, my tripod is the mastermind behind my outfit posts.
  3. FRIENDS – Netflix
    • My dad used to watch this ALL the time, so I’ve seen every episode, multiple times, lol. But I hadn’t ever really sat down and watched it all the way through in the right order. So I did that in February & loved it, such a classic show & a nostalgic re-watch.
  4. NEW ENGLAND COFFEE – Donut Shop Blend
    • I typically drink tea, but I’ve been liking coffee lately! Specifically with a splash of Baileys Irish Cream, so good. On days when I’m just absolutely way too tired to function, the extra caffeine can be nice. I also find the smell of coffee to be quite soothing, not a bad way to start the day!
  5. ON WRITING – Stephen King
    • I had to read this for a class in college & I remember really enjoying it. I picked it up again recently cuz I’m only reading like 5 other books right now (lol why am I like this?). Stephen King gives you an insight into his writing process & what-not. I’m interested to see if I like it as much the second time around.
    • I saw leighannsays talking about this & I really like her taste in podcasts, so I gave it a listen. I think I have 1 episode left & I can’t wait to see how it wraps up. It’s by the producers of Serial This American Life which I also liked, it’s investigative journalism stuff if you’re into that sort of thing. Not lighthearted really, but an interesting story & I like the guy’s voice.


COMMENT BELOW & tell me something pretty about your month, tell me about your monthly favorites!




  1. I need a Tripod so bad, I struggle with my outfit posts so much because I always have to ask someone to come and take them. That would be such a lifesaver! Great faves as always!! xx


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