This jacket has been featured on an outfit of the day post before, but I mean, I like this jacket. Other than the recent nor-easter here in New England (including branches flying around the backyard) it’s been pretty nice! You can feel spring starting to creep in, a few less harsh cold days & a bit more sun. You know what’s perfect for those not winter, not yet spring days? Jean jackets. And the best kind (in my opinion) are the hand-me-down ones.

I love a good oversized sweater, it doesn’t get much cozier. This grey one from BDG has a turtleneck which I’ve rolled down here, along with rolling up those sleeves a bit. I kept it pretty simple and paired it with black leggings and black suede booties. Had my glasses on this day and finished the look with my hand-me-down jean jacket.

I was at my parents’ place one day & mentioned to my dad I was looking for a jean jacket. He left for a few min & came back with this one that used to be my brother’s when he was little. It’s one of my fave jackets now & I’m glad my parents held onto it all these years! I like clothes with a story behind them. ya know?

In da comments, tell me what your fave piece of clothing is right now! Or a trend you’ve really been loving.

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