I think Brett might have actually come up with the idea for this. He also went online and bought NINE flavors of skittles so we could blind taste test them all. We didn’t really know there were so many flavors of skittles & with the main flavor being fruity, it wasn’t easy to tell them all apart. Watch us eat a bunch of skittles blindfolded, let’s do dis.

We had a lotta fun with this one. It’s kinda weird eating skittles blindfolded cuz you never know which flavor you’re gonna grab. My favorites are still sour skittles and I didn’t love the trick plays in the video cuz I had a bad flavor, but they’re actually kinda cool. They start as one flavor & then switch, like a trick play. lol get it? We didn’t really intend on it being a challenge, but we did keep track of who guessed more correct! We laughed, we drank, we ate a ton of skittles, just watch the vid.

BIG THANKS to Mia for feeding us skittles, etc. when we were blindfolded. 💛

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  1. omg this was too cute. you all are so natural in front of the camera, great job! video is such an awesome addition to a blog, I love adding them to mine as well (when i have the time to film XD)


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