I was thinking how there’s a lotta new people on here who may have missed some of my older posts. So I’m sharing my top 10 posts, according to da stats. It’s kinda fun to look back at stuff, sometimes you’re like ‘yeah, same’ & other times it’s more like ‘what were you thinking when you wrote this?’ Looking back at my top posts, let’s do dis.

  1. Review: NYX lip lingerie liquid lipstick
    • I wrote this a couple years ago now & it’s still my most visited post. I haven’t reached for these recently, but they’re a really great, inexpensive liquid lipstick option! & they have even more shades now.
  2. Unpopular opinion: I prefer jane levy as mandy in shameless
    • Back before unpopular opinions were on-trend, lol. I just really like Jane Levy & I was sad to see that they switched her out for a new Mandy in the second season of Shameless. Such a random post to have the 2nd most views.
  3. Review: burt’s bees sheet mask
    • I didn’t not like this sheet mask, but it definitely wasn’t my fave. It was nice on my skin, but I don’t think I’m a big fan of sheet masks overall. It slid down my face & that wasn’t comfy.
  4. Boyfriend does my ASOS shop
    • This one was really fun & I actually ended up keeping everything he chose. He did a pretty good job, I was definitely impressed! It was really cool to see what he picked out for me.
  5. 1,000 followers!
    • This is so crazy cuz this was back in July & now don’t give a jam has close to 2,400 followers! Numbers aren’t everything, but it’s nice to see my monthly page views steadily going up & knowing people are enjoying da blog.
  6. Wintery ASOS haul
    • I remember really loving this one. I was pretty excited about some of the things I got in this haul & I think that showed when I wrote this. Can’t really go wrong with a clothing haul!
  7. Unpopular opinions
    • I’ve been sharing my unpopular opinions & the comments I’ve been getting on these posts are absolutely hilarious. I’ve been loving seeing which opinions people agree or completely disagree with! It’s cool to see how different everyone’s opinions can be.
  8. OOTD: lazy oaf at the office
    • I love this shirt, lazy oaf has such a unique style. I actually wore this shirt in my ASOS haul video as well. It kinda reminds me of blues clues & I love the heart embroidery on the collar. Adds a cute little touch. 💘
  9. Vlog: getting my new camera
    • I used my iPhone for blogging pictures for two years before deciding to invest in a camera. I went for the canon g7x mark ii so that I could take some nicer pictures as well as being able to throw it in my bag & film videos or vlog as well. I’ve been loving experimenting with it!
  10. BF picks my OOTDs for the week
    • This was another really fun one from the boyfriend. All of them have gotten a lotta love so far, you guys definitely seem to think he knows how to dress me, lol. Strangely enough, I have to agree. This one was a blast, really neat to see which pieces he paired together.

COMMENT BELOW & tell me something positive that has happened to you lately, or link to your most popular post!



30 thoughts on “MY TOP POSTS

  1. I love this! I’m going to have to have my husband do a haul for me – Idk if I’ll be as lucky as you and end up keeping stuff 🙂 I love this idea though! Great for new followers!


  2. I think it’s absolutely cool that your boyfriend picked your clothes for you for the week, you’ve got a real one 🙌. Literally nothing great happened in my week besides that I’m always laughing because I’m surrounded by very awesome people in my life 🌼


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