homemade chicken broccoli alfredoMy friend Mia taught me how to make chicken broccoli alfredo completely from scratch & we vlogged da whole thing. I’m a huge fan of white sauce & it’s always way better when it’s homemade rather than from a jar, so it was really cool to learn! We’ve been friends for years now & I always love getting to see this gem. Homemade chicken broccoli alfredo, let’s do dis.

Can’t go wrong with sipping wine while you make ziti alfredo from scratch! I already can’t wait to make this again & really get the hang of it. You can definitely hear Brett & Greg in the background of the video impatiently waiting for the filming & dinner to be done, lol. But it was worth the wait. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

BIG THANKS to Mia for showing me how to make chicken broccoli alfredo from scratch!

FASHION more your thing? Check out my latest OOTD with my mum’s vintage t-shirt and my plaid rachel-from-friends pants.

Tell me your favorite pasta dish in da comments!

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JAM πŸ’›



  1. Looks yummy! I live for pasta, my favourite is probably a linguine dish my mum makes with lots of basil, parmesan, and cream xx


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