Or, in this case, a cocktail. This was a couple weeks ago at a place called The Rum Bar in Key West. We sat on the porch & had some drinks on our last morning there. Love these lil chatty catch-ups! Easing into the week with a nice casual post, let’s do this virtual coffee talk thing.

If we were having coffee… I would mention the whole ASOS sizing thing. They added UK size 2 which is a 22 inch waist. Some shoppers are celebrating the fact that ASOS are offering a wider range of sizes, while some are shaming the company & those people I disagree with. As a petite girl, I have a hard time finding clothes that fit nicely, especially if I don’t want them baggy. So, GO ASOS for their range of sizes & showing the same clothing items on models of different shapes.

If we were having coffee… I’d mention how much fun we had on vacation! Exploring Key West was amazing & I have so much stuff to share from our trip. And staying at his parents’ new place in Fort Myers was great as well. Sunshine, family & a drink in hand is a wonderful way to spend a trip.

If we were having coffee… I love an outfit that has a story behind it. Hand-me-downs always end up being some of my favorite pieces of clothing. I recently posted an outfit of the day with some plaid rachel-from-friends pants and a vintage t-shirt from my mum.  It might be one of my fave outfits I’ve posted on the blog!

If we were having coffee… I’d ask if you’ve checked out my youtube yet! Last week I uploaded a vlog where my friend Mia & I made homemade chicken broccoli alfredo. I’m excited about editing my vacation vlog & I’ve been loving all the positive feedback I’ve been getting!

And if we were having coffee… I’d ask all about how you were doing! Tell me something pretty in the comments, something exciting that happened lately.




42 thoughts on “IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE (8)

  1. Love these posts! (and still have not done one myself!) And I love that you were drinking cocktails! You go girl! I love when stores offer a variety of sizes. I am also super petite (not even five feet tall!), but curvy, so pants is a huge issue. Yay to ASOS. Maybe now I will finally try them out:) Hope you are having a great day beauty! ❤


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