blue heaven key west

Or, technically, what WE ate in key west. My guy & I tried a lotta food & I took pics of some of it. This was our lunch at Blue Heaven when we first got there & OMG was it good. I had a banana pancake with spicy sausage on the side and he got this loaded bowl. They were both AMAZING, but I think his order actually won this round. Thought I’d share what I ate in key west.

Key lime pie is hugeeee in key west, so I’m glad we tried it right away! This one from Blue Heaven was sweet & airy, a definite must try. We couldn’t leave without trying Kenney Chesney’s favorite key lime pie in key west, right? And this pastry is from a place right around the corner from our Airbnb called La Grignote. It’s a baked egg cup in a croissant topped with bacon and OMG was it good. I tried the passion fruit iced tea as well, so refreshing & so glad I stopped by this lil bakery.

My boyfriend convinced me to try buffalo jumbo shrimp at a place called Jack flats, a casual sports bar. This place was air conditioned, which was much needed since it was like 83° & muggy and we spent the morning walking around Fort Zachary Taylor. Shrimp was okay, weird texture, maybe I’d like the little shrimp better. For lunch I got a taco salad, which was nice & light and he got a cuban sandwich. Typical american-style food, was nice to sit down and cool off.

This beef jerky from Firefly was SO good and we also had these buffalo pork strips. We wanted drinks & apps after a long day, this was perfect! Not pictured is the chocolate cake a la mode we had for dessert. This burrito is from a new place called Sinz. The art on the walls is EPIC & represents each of the seven deadly sins, all done by a different artist. One of the best burritos I’ve ever had if we’re being honest. Fresh ingredients, lots of options & some great local beers. There was reggae playing & the bartender even complimented my SOJA tank top. A cool place with a chill vibe, I’ll be waiting impatiently for them to make their way to Boston.

HONORABLE MENTION: we also tried conch fritters cuz my friend Jackie told me we hadda try them! We ordered them at Viva Saloon, which we went to like 3 times while we were in key west, mostly for drinks & apps. Cool atmosphere, indoor and outdoor seating & they had a great selection of beer & cocktails to choose from. My boyfriend was loving this shot that was half Dr. McGillicuddy’s & half fireball & I really liked a local honey blonde beer called crazy lady. They definitely know how to drink in good ole Key West, Florida.


In da comments, tell me an adventurous food you’ve tried!



43 thoughts on “WHAT I ATE IN KEY WEST

  1. I have lived in Southwest Florida for 14 years and still have not visited the Keys. Great post! I’ll have to try these when I finally decide to get my lazy arse there! 🙂


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