march monthly favoritesMarch was a good one. We took a trip, got tan & idk, it was just a good month. If we’re being really honest though, I’m done with the cold weather! We still have snow on the ground in Boston & I’m just wondering WHERE IS SPRING. I hope you all had an amazing march & I have some favorites to share. It’s the stuff I was loving more than other stuff this month. Let’s do dis monthly favorites thing.

  1. Tripod – Joby
    • This tripod is only like $20 & I’m kinda obsessed with it. I got it a few months ago when I got my camera. It’s wicked bendy & small enough to throw in your bag. It’s great for vlogging cuz you can put it places and use it to hold the camera further away from you. I used it on vacation to take group shots & it worked wonders! It’s definitely become a must-have for me.
  2. Liptuitive Glow Gloss – Becca
    • I’m not a big lip gloss person, I hate that most of them are sticky. But I gave this one a try & I’m SO glad I did. It’s really glossy & not at all sticky. It also adjusts to the chemistry of your lips for a personalized wash of pink. I wrote a review on this lip gloss if you wanna know more!
  3. Cadbury mini eggs
    • OMG I don’t even like chocolate that much, but these get me every year. I’ve been snacking on them all month lol, so I hadda include them in my favorites. I think it’s something about the candy coating, they’re delicious. Plus my aunt & uncle used to have them out at Easter every year, so it’s also a nostalgic thing.
  4. Butter Bronzer – Physician’s Formula
    • I’ve been hearing about this bronzer for YEARS and I finally gave it a try! I’m really glad I did cuz I’m in love. It gives a nice glow, it blends wonderfully & it smells amazing, kinda like coconuts & vacation. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous bronzer from the drugstore? It’s also cruelty free & which is something I’m really passionate about. 💛
  5. True Crime Obsessed – podcast
    • I heard about this podcast cuz leighannsays mentioned it. It’s two friends who watch crime documentaries separately & then compare notes on the podcast. It’s cool & interesting & creepy. They even find a way to sprinkle in some humor & they have great chemistry. I was listening to it the other day and ended up cleaning the whole condo and listening to like 4 episodes lol. It sucked me in.
    • It was SO nice to take a week & a half off from reality. My boyfriend & I had a blast exploring Key West and we enjoyed some much needed family time in Fort Myers as well. With sunshine, cocktails, and loved ones, you kinda can’t go wrong. I’ve been sharing pics on my insta & also decided I’m really jealous of people who get to call a vacation a ‘holiday.’ It just sounds so much cooler, ya know?

Favorite posts this month:

In da comments, tell me something pretty about your march!

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  1. I am so happy March was good to you beauty! And girl I hear yoU! I hate chocolate, but there is something about Cadbury that speaks to my soul and taste buds! I hope April is just as amazing! ❤


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