key west vlogFort Zachary Taylor AKA Fort Taylor is a historic state park in Key West, Florida. It used to be a civil war fort & it was really cool to explore. I’m not the biggest history buff (sorry dad & steve) but this was actually one of my fave parts of our trip! So neat to wander around and learn a bit of history. Overall we ate a lot & drank a bit, so it was nice to do something a bit different this day!

We had so much fun in Key West & I’m so glad I could capture some moments from our last day or so there! Tanned, tipsy & smiling is how they seem to do it down in key west & it was such a great vibe. Such a low-key place & everyone we met was wicked nice. 10/10 would recommend for your next trip.

QUESTION: do you have 5 extra minutes lying around?

ANSWER: obviously ya do, so you should check out the key west travel vlog & if ya like it, you should subscribe! I’ve been posting videos every other week, but hoping to make it a weekly addition to the blog soon.

FOOD BLOGS more your thing? Here’s what I ate in key west, spoiler it’ll make ya hungry.

FASHION BLOGS more your thing? Here’s my latest outfit of the day featuring some very on-trend blush pinks.


Tell me something pretty in da comments!

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  1. Ahhh I LOVE forts. Legit obsessed! And I loved your video! Also girl I was just talking to someone about bloggers and vloggers and I totally thought of you! I love and (insanely!) admire how you do both! ❤

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