Unpopular Opinions (3)

I just, ya know, have a lot of opinions & I say the more unpopular the better. Or, at least the funnier the comment section. Anyone watch How I Met Your Mother and remember that episode with Katy Perry? They just keep saying “oh, honey” & that’s all I can think of when I wear this t-shirt. Sharing a buncha opinions that you may or may not disagree with completely. Unpopular opinions take 3, let’s do dis.

  1. I don’t like the whole hunting for fun thing
    • meh. I eat meat & I get it, but I’ve just never liked it much. don’t @ me
  2. The cookie part is the best part of the oreo
    • OKAY. Does anyone else get that weird feeling in the back/sides of your throat when something is too sugary? I always twist my oreo apart & I like the plain side better if we’re being honest. The inside is a bit too sweet, especially the double stuf ones, the cookie tastes better with just a lil frosting.
  3. Bras are annoying & I kinda h8 them
    • Some of them are nice & really pretty, but I just 100% prefer not wearing a bra to wearing a bra. I feel like the whole bra-less trend has a moment every so often & I’m all for it.
  4. Twitter night mode is better
    • Although I tweeted about this the other day & I guess I might be a bit behind on this one. Maybe I’m just the last to know & in which case, why didn’t anyone tell me? Way easier on the eyes, especially if you’re one to scroll before bed. Someone told me you can do it to YouTube as well, so I’ll be doing that too.
  5. Cereal is still good soggy
    • I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like a good crunch. But I don’t like to rush when I’m eating & I kinda don’t h8 when it gets soggy either. I actually think some cereal is better soggy. Mainly flaky cereal & specifically when it has oat clusters, cuz those stay crunchy while the cereal soaks in the milk.


In da comments, let me know which unpopular opinion you agree with, or share one of your unpopular opinion!

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73 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions (3)

  1. I hate the hunting for sport thing. Why killing an animal if you are not going to eat it? The worst about it is that people encourage their kids since an early age to follow their footsteps.


  2. Maybe a bit TMI but I’ve been bra-less for two straight days (I’m wearing a thick hoodie though, so it’s not really obvious), and I FEEL SO COMFORTABLE. My pet peeve is when the bra straps decide to fall down and you have to struggle through whatever you’re wearing to get it on the shoulders again lol.

    I agree that Oreos are better that way. I like twisting mine too (in the rare moment that I do have them)…I swear that’s the fascination with eating them.


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