Happy 13th of friday, or friday the 13th. I wanted to do something a lil different this friday, so I figured I’d share some blogs I’ve really been loving! I like when someone gives their stamp of approval to something. Sharing some blogs I’ve been loving on this lovely follow friday.


Sophia has a lifestyle blog full of beauty, baking, everything, etc. & she’s been uploading videos to youtube as well! She said my blog name was lovely in her most recent Q&A video & I thought that was really, well, lovely of her lol. She’s got so much positive energy, go show her some love.

Angela writes blog posts all about everything from baking and outfits to travel and now even videos too! I’ve been following her blog for awhile now & she always comes across as being very real and down-to-earth & I like that. She’s really supportive of other bloggers, which is always nice to see. Plus all her deserts always look so amazing!

Sophie blogs about life, vegan food & so much more. She shares a lot of positive posts, like mental health & body positivity & they always read really open and honest. Her ‘what I ate in a day’ posts are some of my faves & she’s been sharing some of her cool grungy outfits lately, which I’ve been absolutely loving.

Ann-Kathrin blogs all about baking, style, DIYS, and is so creative! Her desserts come out so cute & aesthetically pleasing. Right now she’s on a yellow kick & she just shared this vegan lemon cake that looks SO GOOD. She’s so so sweet, definitely go show her some love. πŸ’›

Mimi blogs about beauty, makeup & reviews and all of her blogs are in English AND Italian, which I think is pretty cool. I really love her celebrity makeup look recreations & she seems so nice, always supporting other bloggers. Her recent spring look featured a pop of purple under the eyes & it was absolutely gorgeous!


COMMENT BELOW & link to a blog you’ve been loving & lemme know your thoughts on the whole friday the 13th thing.


JAM πŸ’•


  1. Hi Jamie,
    It is so nice of you to write about other bloggers. Very down to earth thought. I found you on wordpress and I am glad that I found you. I am a new blogger who just started her blog. I would love you to check out my blog and would like to have any advice you have for new bloggers ?

    Bushra (your new follower)

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