birthday vlog fenway

I had a pretty great introduction to being 27 thanks to my friends & family. Got a new tattoo, went out to dinner with my fam, was surrounded by friends at Fenway, and my boyfriend & I went to brunch on my birthday. It was a wonderful long weekend & I’m ready to see what 27 brings. Grab a friend, grab a drink & give my birthday weekend vlog a watch!


What better way to start year 27 than sitting in the bleachers at Fenway with 12 of your friends? AND the sox played an excellent game, came back from being down 7-2 to win it 8-7 in the last inning. I did something different every day of my birthday weekend & each one involved spending time with the people I love. Can’t ask for a better weekend than that. I’ve been loving vlogging & I’d love it if you could take 7 & 1/2 minutes to give my birthday weekend vlog a watch!

Leave some love in the comments & please share with your friends if you’re liking my vlogs!


JAM ❤️

49 thoughts on “VLOG: BIRTHDAY WEEKEND

      1. I do! I actually had you on my mind when I wa stalking to someone who does youtube videos and I was like I can not but I know some amazing bloggers who do both and I am in awe! Yours always come out so well! Awe thanks beauty! ❤

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