monthly favorites

April has overall been kinda rainy & surprisingly a bit cold, but it’s warming up now so that’s nice! Happy birthday to my fellow aries & you taurus babes that I share my birthday month with as well. I hope everyone has had a wonderful month & I’m here to share my monthly favorites. So, here’s my monthly favorites, the stuff I was loving a bit extra this month.

monthly favorites:

    • Got a lil tattoo, dinner with the fam, fenway with friends & a birthday brunch. It was a wonderful way to start year 27 & I’m excited to see what the year brings! I filmed the whole thing & uploaded a birthday weekend vlog if you wanna check that out.
  2. RED TEA KETTLE – Calphalon
    • One of the things that my parents got me for my bday was this red tea kettle. I love tea & it even makes that whistling noise when the water is boiling, which makes me really happy for some reason. I like that it’s red & I like that it makes my tea, definitely a much needed kitchen staple.
    • The Buddy Project is a non-profit that works to prevent suicide & self-harm as well as raising awareness for mental health. They’re currently running a campaign to raise money for their organization. I talk about it in my upcoming ASOS haul video, but I thought I’d mention it here as well cuz I’ve been wearing this crew neck non-stop. They have long sleeves, hoodies & t-shirts as well & lots of color options if you wanna help out!
    • I got this to replace my benefit ka-brow & honestly I like the NYX tame & frame so much better. I got the shade chocolate and I apply with a basic brow brush. It comes in quite a few shades, which is nice & I like that it’s a pomade cuz it keeps my brows in place. Plus it’s cruelty-free & it hasn’t dried out yet like the ka-brow did.
  5. RING LIGHT – Neewer
    • My boyfriend got me a ring light for my birthday & it’s been SO helpful. It’s nice to be able to take photos & videos without having to always rely on natural lighting. I’ve been absolutely loving it & I’m really glad I’ve added it to my blogger toolkit. It’s not pictured, but you can see the reflection on my tea kettle.
  6. BEERBONGS & BENTLEYS – Post Malone
    • I’ve been listening to this obsessively & absolutely loving it. Post Malone is kinda an interesting character, but he for sure has some cool rhymes. My favorite song on the album is Zack And Codeine, which I’m certain is a nod to The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. If you follow me on insta you’ll have seen this song on my insta story & if not, come be my insta friend.


COMMENT BELOW & tell me what you were loving this month, tell me all about your monthly favorites!




  1. The glorious sound of a singing tea kettle! Growing up my moms tea kettle always sang in the mornings mine doesn’t do that! And now that I think of it it’s too damn quiet around here in the am lol. Always love your posts Jamie! Been catching up on your vlogs too they are great!!


  2. I loved your birthday vlog! Although I gasped when you showed the bandage because I wasn’t expecting the placement haha. I do love the new ink though! Also the same thing happens here where it’ll snow one day and then the next day (or even later the same day) it’s allllll gone! Also I totes cheered when you got the ring light done and lit up. Now I want to vlog my 27th birthday weekend too but I think it might be too boring! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! lol love it, thanks so much! that’s so frustrating, I hope it warms up soon!! it’s finally starting to feel nicer here, but still some chilly days mixed in. haha yessss, it was pretty straightforward to set up, but I was really glad when I was done 😅 you totally should, I would definitely watch!!

      Liked by 1 person

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