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I saw on barstool that KFC did a march madness tv tournament where people voted for the best TV show character. I realize it’s May, but we gotta talk about this. The fact that he even was able to make a bracket of the top TV characters is kinda crazy to me. So many good characters out there & we gotta talk about the one who was voted as the best TV character of all time.

who’s the best TV character?

FINAL FOUR: Walter White, Larry David, George Costanza & Michael Scott

  • Walter White: Bryan Cranston, the lead in Breaking Bad, obviously amazing , dark & no-nonsense. I love him in this & totally get why he made it to the final four.
  • Larry David: okay so don’t @ me, but I haven’t seen Curb Your Enthusiasm, so I don’t have an opinion on this one.
  • George Costanza: Jason Alexander as Jerry’s best friend in Seinfeld, pathetic, yet funny & very loyal. Definitely makes the show a lot funnier & his character is just so real.
  • Michael Scott: Steve Carell is the world’s best boss in The Office, a cult classic bringing us gems such as “that’s what she said” & other hilarious moments along with a lot of heartfelt moments as well. Like the dundies, lol.

TOP 2: Walter White & Michael Scott

  • Walter White: pretty epic that he made it to the final two. For me it was a hard show to get into at first, but the acting & the chemistry between the characters is pretty amazing. Especially Walter White & Jesse Pinkman. Definitely worth a watch, but give it a chance if you have a hard time at first. It’s a good one.
  • Michael Scott: definitely one of the funniest TV characters in my opinion. He treats his whole office like family & (spoiler) the show was never really the same after he left. Still good, obviously, but Steve Carell did an amazing job with this character.

WINNER: Michael Scott!

  • KFC said on his blog post that this was really close, Michael Scott only beat Walter White by 438 votes. I kinda can’t say that I disagree with the results, I mean, he’s a pretty good character. Funny, sad, needy & has the biggest heart, Michael Scott is definitely worthy of the win. The Office is in my top 5 tv shows so I mean, no argument here. Go Michael Scott.
michael scott the office

here’s KFC’s original tv show tournament post if you want the blank bracket!

p.s. still kinda low-key sad that walter white beat charlie kelly.


COMMENT BELOW & let me know who you favorite TV character is, but don’t tell me any may the fourth jokes (unless they’re really funny).




  1. Ummmm about to be pop culture shamed, but while I know of them, and have seen more Office episodes then Breaking Bad (which isn’t hard to do since I have seen zero) though I did watch the British version of the Office which was flipping brilliant! But I digress, I don’t understand this list…But that is just me. Also I agree WHY are they all men? ❤


      1. You have too watch it if you get the chance! There is a reason e keep copying British television lol. And that is so true! Haha, I love how you worded that last part! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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