30 BEFORE 30

30 before 30OK SO I turned 27 last month & I keep getting the whole ‘you’re pretty much 30’ thing. I’d rather not have my age rounded up. I wanna be 27 while I’m 27, ya know, kinda like living in the moment, except it’s living in the year lol. SO I thought I’d put together a list of the things I wanna do BEFORE I’m 30, cuz I’m not there quite yet. My 30 before 30, let’s do dis.

  1. Have a signature scent
    • I just think it sounds so mature? And I like the thought of someone smelling a certain scent & thinking of me.
  2. Not get carded for buying ginger beer
    • it’s not even alcoholic…it’s soda…
  3. Publish an e-book
    • I’m working on some stuff right now, so here’s hoping.
  4. Live in an Airbnb in England for a month
    • Or if anyone wants to lend me their couch, I’m down for that too.
  5. Put more time into decorating
    • I feel like it’s definitely a work-in-progress type thing & I just wanna get better at making my space look really pretty & cohesive.
  6. Get a dog
    • Gotta wait till we move cuz where we live right now doesn’t allow dogs.
  7. Taste the best cheeseburger I’ve ever had
    • You know that How I Met Your Mother episode where Marshall goes to like 700 burger joints looking for the best burger he’s ever had? I want a burger like that.
  8. Travel more
    • Just in general, idk, more long weekend trips & what-not.
  9. Get better at cooking
    • I’m learning lol, but in 3 years I’d like to be more confident in the kitchen.
  10. Visit an old haunted insane asylum
    • This is something I’ve always been interested in, old insane asylums were, well, really insane.
  11. Read more books
    • I’ve been reading the same 5 books for so long now, gotta get better at making time to read (& actually finish) books.
  12. Go swimming in the Pacific
    • AKA go to California.
  13. See the northern lights
    • Aurora borealis it’s called, right? Gotta see those pretty lights.
  14. Swim with sharks
    • I wanna go in one of those cages & see all the hauntingly beautiful sharks up close & personal.
  15. Be really good at pairing wine with dishes
    • I feel like this is such a useful dinner party trick.
  16. Take more sunset pictures
    • I take quite a few of these already lol, but you can never have too many.
  17. It would be cool if leighann watched my video
    • I filmed a video where I tried to follow a leighannsays makeup tutorial & it would be really cool if she ever watched it.
  18. Continue wearing whatever I want
    • I like to switch it up with my outfits. Crazy how much impact my outfit has on my mood & I hope I’m still wearing weird outfits.
  19. Paint a mural in my living space
    • I love murals, walls looks so much prettier when they’re painted.
  20. Keep improving on editing videos
    • I’ve really been loving filming & editing videos for youtube & I’d love to keep improving on those skills so I can make cool stuff.
  21. On the same note, editing photos
    • Right now I mostly use VSCO, but I’d love to be good at like photoshop & stuff.
  22. Try following a vegetarian diet
    • I’ve always been really intrigued by it & I just would like to give it a try.
  23. Go ziplining
    • It looks like so much fun & such a cool view!
  24. Donate more
    • I donate when I can & when charities come along. I just bought a crewneck from the buddy project for their campaign, but I’d like to be able to donate more regularly.
  25. Continue to be good at saving
    • I’ve always been really good with my money. Growing up my parents would have my brother & I put a certain amount of our birthday money in our bank accounts & that definitely shaped my spending habits.
  26. Bathe an elephant
    • You know, in like, a place that is nice to elephants.
  27. I hope I’m still staying up too late binging Netflix
    • Just wanna make sure I still know how to do a good binge.
  28. Make people smile with my words
    • I absolutely love the thought of making people laugh, or crack a smile cuz of my blog, or something I wrote. Just trying to spread the love.
  29. Have don’t give a jam merch
    • I just think this would be fun & kinda needs to happen.
  30. I hope I’m happy
    • Just saying.


In da comments, let me know something YOU wanna accomplish!

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