It’s mental health month in the US & mental health awareness week in the UK. The focus this year is on stress, which is pretty damn important to your mental health. Stress can lead to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety & is often linked to self-harm and suicide. This crewneck I’m wearing is from the Buddy Project & it’s part of a campaign to raise money to prevent suicide & raise mental health awareness. Talking about stress & some of my favorite ways to wind down.


I saw on the mental health foundation site that you could take a test to see if you’re stressed. So I figured I’d take it & share my results. The highest stress result was 40 & I came in at 20, which is moderate. They also provide a mindfulness course to help reduce stress, just in case you take the stress test & find you’re wicked stressed out lol.


  1. YOGA
    • Or any type of exercise really. A nice walk on a sunny day, some cardio moves in my bedroom. But I always like to finish off with some relaxing yoga stretches. Release some endorphins, clear your mind, it’s nice.
    • I’ve always found writing to be cathartic. You get to take all the thoughts jumbled in your head & write them down, create something with them. Whether it’s a blog post, or something else, writing always de-stresses me.
    • I have some crystals that I carry around always. And I also wear rose quartz around my neck, which promotes love, friendship, healing & feelings of peace. The crystals are smooth & soothing to touch & stuff, don’t @ me.
    • This might be my fave form of meditation. Basically just being mindful about your steps & breathing & surroundings, etc. while you’re walking around. I did it in college a lot walking back & forth to classes.
    • If I’m absolutely slammed, I like to write down the stuff I have to do. That way I can cross things off as I go along, which always feels nice, and I don’t have to store all of the info in my head. Definitely less stressful when you know exactly what you need to accomplish!


I don’t always feel like my mental health is as good as it could be. I’ve been through a few things in my 27 years & sometimes I have a hard time coping. I found this what is mental health page that has some early warning signs & ways to maintain positive mental health. You can be sad without being depressed & feel stress without having anxiety. But if you feel something more is going on, reach out to someone! Shoot me a message on my contact page, talk to your parents, friends, significant other, or see a therapist. Positive mental health is a journey that can take time, but definitely check in on yourself & your happiness.


COMMENT BELOW & let me know your favorite way to relax!



45 thoughts on “HOW STRESSED ARE YOU?

  1. My favourite way to relax is making a list – there’s something about writing it all down and getting it all out of my head that means I don’t have to worry about it anymore. This is a such great post with a lot of helpful advice xx


  2. I love your jumper! I wanted to order one but I know shipping the UK would be extortionate. Have you ever signed up to the Buddy Project? I love walking meditation as I find yoga and sitting meditation so hard to do as I lose concentration so quickly. I love journaling as well and also just ranting to people helps me. xx

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    1. thank you! I haven’t signed up, I actually just learned about it through this campaign. I hard a really hard time concentrating with sitting meditation, which is why I love walking so much! ranting definitely helps!! 🙂

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