Spring ASOS Haul & Try-On

spring ASOS haulIt’s Wednesday, so it’s a halfway through the week, halfway happy kinda day. A couple weeks ago ASOS was having a sale & I picked up a few spring/summery pieces. I love watching clothing hauls & I like doing them, so here we are. I even had to return something & ended up getting more stuff after filming this lolol, why am I like this? Let’s do this spring ASOS haul & try-on thing.

Got like 7 minutes lying around? Check out what I picked out at ASOS! I also talk about this crewneck I’m wearing from buddy project which is pretty perfect timing for mental health awareness month. I tried them on so you can see what they actually look like & I just love ASOS so much. They make returns SO easy & they have such a huge range of sizes, which is so inclusive & I LOVE it.


In da comments, let me know what your favorite piece was!

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26 thoughts on “Spring ASOS Haul & Try-On

  1. This is so dangerous too watch!! Pull and bear is one of my favourite brands!! Love the pad Thai shirt you got! It’s funny that the pants are too long for you because I always struggle with them being too short for me. I also LOVE your sunflower dress (obviously) and these yellow sunglasses are amazing!! I want a pair like them. Loved his haul so much xx

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    1. I’m so glad you liked it!! pull&bear is a wonderful brand, I have a bunch of stuff from them at this point. LOL well I’m pretty short, so I’m sure you’re a lot taller than I am!! thanks so much lovely, love how supportive you always are 🙂

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