spring ASOS haulIt’s Wednesday, so it’s a halfway through the week, halfway happy kinda day. A couple weeks ago ASOS was having a sale & I picked up a few spring/summery pieces. I love watching clothing hauls & I like doing them, so here we are. I even had to return something & ended up getting more stuff after filming this lolol, why am I like this? Let’s do this spring ASOS haul & try-on thing.

Got like 7 minutes lying around? Check out what I picked out at ASOS! I also talk about this crewneck I’m wearing from buddy project which is pretty perfect timing for mental health awareness month. I tried them on so you can see what they actually look like & I just love ASOS so much. They make returns SO easy & they have such a huge range of sizes, which is so inclusive & I LOVE it. Watch if ya want & subscribe if ya like, both are totally FREE.


In da comments, let me know what your favorite piece was!

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