band t-shirtI’ve been wanting to do an outfit post with my green trousers for awhile. I really like trouser-type pants and love incorporating them into outfits, but my style tends to be a bit more laid-back. So, I figured I’d put together a casual outfit with these trousers by pairing them with one of my favorite band t-shirts. Casual trousers outfit of the day, let’s do dis.

THESE green trousers are actually part of my boyfriend does my ASOS shop post. I really wanted to incorporate them into an OOTD so I picked the pants first. They’re ASOS brand & I love the creases & lines of them. Also they’re high waisted and the crop is a really good length for me, which is a big plus since I’m pretty short. I wore these to work since my office is business casual, but I love that you could dress these up or down.

I couldn’t resist adding my pink floyd t-shirt, a favorite of mine & a hand-me-down of sorts. I liked that the green tied in without making it too matchy & since it’s so old and kinda worn, it makes the outfit a little grungier. I added my cream ASOS cardigan (cuz spring weather means layers) and white low-top converse. Then finished the look with my black suede backpack from ASOS because I’m still really into lil backpacks as purses at the moment.


In da comments, tell me something pretty about your weekend!

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