I finished season 2 of 13 Reasons Why a few days ago & I have SO many thoughts. I can’t even really decide if I like it, or if I kinda h8 it. I watched it in two sittings & I even took notes lol. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that this didn’t really need a second season & part of me agrees, but I do like that we get another side of the story. So today I’m sharing my 13 thoughts on 13 Reasons Why.

OKAY so I wanna share the trigger warnings because this show brings up a lot of sensitive topics. I saw on twitter that The Buddy Project put together a list of triggers for each episode in both seasons. So maybe check that out before you decide whether you want to watch or not!

Here are my thoughts on season 1 of 13 reasons why if you haven’t seen it yet & have no idea what I’m talking about.


  1. Ratings & reaching out
    • This is rated TV-MA, so there’s a warning that this material might not be suitable for kids under 17. But still, it’s a lot. I feel like this isn’t really a show for kids, more a show to raise awareness, kind of. But I do like that they share their website at the end of each episode with resources & what-not.
  2. Bullying
    • This is such a huge problem in schools and people really do get bullied & it’s sad and it sucks. Just know that you shouldn’t ever hurt other people just because you’re being bullied. Let it make you stronger, tell someone, lean on your friends, but don’t stoop to their level.
  3. Recovery 
    • A major theme throughout this season is recovery. Jessica trying to move past her rape, Justin dealing with drug addiction, the whole thing with Alex, and Clay’s struggle to forgive Hannah. I think what I love most is how these friends come together in their recovery journeys & support each other throughout.
  4. It makes you mad
    • This show will make you so mad. This is on purpose, as a guy from the show explains in the ‘beyond the reasons’ episode that plays at the end of the season. They’re trying to make you mad, mad enough to start a conversation. Sometimes it feels genuine, other times it feels like it’s just for shock value, idk.
  5. It can be a bit much
    • On that same thread, some of it is a LOT, maybe a bit much. I get that they’re trying to make you feel uncomfortable & start a conversation, but geez. It can definitely be a lot. Like, sometimes too much I think. I get it, but, idk.
  6. Don’t believe everything you hear
    • Like when a rumor spreads about Jessica lying about her rape to feel better about ‘cheating’ on her boyfriend. It’s awful that a story can be twisted so easily & it’s a good reminder to stop for a second & realize that sometimes, people lie. And perhaps, it’s even a lot of times that people lie.
  7. The other side of the story
    • I like that you get to hear the other side of the story because in the first season we get the story almost exclusively through Hannah. In this season Hannah can’t give any answers & we have to piece together what really happened through what the other characters have to say. Some of which is lies, some of which is truths.
  8. These kids are making some terrible decisions
    • I don’t want to spoil anything, so just in general, they handle too many things by themselves. There are so many moments where an adult should have been involved, or the police even lol, and they just always go out & do it on their own.
  9. It’s your story to tell
    • I really liked that they allowed Jessica to tell her story when she was ready. Her friends supported her through it and asked her to share what happened to help the case, but didn’t make her feel obligated, necessarily. Jess is definitely a badass this season.
  10. Going to school with your abuser
    • A school or campus isn’t huge in the grand scheme of things. Many times you go to the same school as your abuser, so I like that they portrayed how hard it can be to run into them & the problems that can cause.
  11. Clay
    • He’s angry and haunted by Hannah, haunted by what she did & not being able to forgive her. He’s struggling with moving on & I think he’s brilliant. He’s ALWAYS cut up & bruised, but I like his character. Everyone reacts to situations differently & I like that he’s mad.
  12. Be nicer to everyone!!
    • GUYS. Just be nicer to people, everybody love everybody. See some nasty rumors written on the bathroom stall? CROSS IT OUT. See someone being bullied? BE A FRIEND. Ugh, guys, just be. nicer.
  13. There are always more reasons why not
    • Whatever is going on, there’s always more reasons to be here & that’s something to take from this show. Just take it as it is, a show, not a guideline to follow if you’re having issues. Talk to someone!


If you’ve watched the show & wanna talk about it with someone, I’m your girl! You can go to my contact page, or message me on twitter or instagram. This show can be quite heavy & I’m always up for a chat.


p.s. I know that 13 Reasons Why is controversial, so I get if you hate it entirely, but don’t @ me.

Tell me something PRETTY in the comments, or your thoughts on the show. Do you think there’ll be a third season?

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59 thoughts on “13 THOUGHTS ON 13 REASONS WHY

  1. I loved reading your thoughts on this! I’ve just finished season 2 and feel completely shaken up, I know it’s controversial but I think these topics need to be talked about and shown for what they are – nothing was sugar coated or brushed over in this series and it showed what people can actually go through. Xx


  2. I haven’t watched this yet and I don’t know if I’m gonna. I didn’t feel like it needed another season and I’m worried it’ll tarnish how great the first one and the book were for me.


  3. I totally agree with you!! I’m in this boat where I just can’t decide if I liked it for the positive side of their message or totally disliked it for being somewhat pointless and a little too graphic!! Nonetheless, thank you for sharing I really enjoyed reading how you felt about it!! x

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