monthly favorites

Happy national donut day! 🍩 I really would like to know why some months feel REALLY long & some feel super short? ALSO do you guys get annoyed by repeated empties? I’ve been keeping a running list so I don’t repeat products, but lately I’ve been feeling like if something is still my favorite after months, shouldn’t I share it again? So, here are my monthly favorites, the stuff I was loving more than other stuff this month.

monthly favorites:

    • I’ve been living in this super soft t-shirt from ASOS. I love the fit of it, it’s kinda short & boxy, but not too big! It was part of my spring ASOS haul I recently posted & I’ve been loving it. I love that ASOS has so many different brands, but honestly, I buy a lot from the ASOS brand as well.
    • This has been in a favorites before, but I’m still absolutely loving it! I’m pretty damn pale lol, so I like a light bronzer that’s easy to blend. This is both! AND it smells amazing, like a tropical beach vacation. Plus physicians formula is cruelty-free, so that makes the butter bronzer even better!
    • My guy got me these gorgeous orchids for our anniversary a few weeks back. We like having some flowers & plants hanging around, nice to add some green. They make me smile when I walk through the door & for that, I hadda add them to my monthly favorites.
  4. TOBACCO & VANILLA CANDLE – scentsational
    • I’ve definitely mentioned this on the blog before. I LOVE this scent, reminds me of my grampa cuz he used to smoke a pipe. I think the vanilla warms up the tobacco scent really nicely, definitely a lovely combo. I also like that it’s a natural soy candle, I buy these at Marshall’s, so great price as well!
  5. RING LIGHT – Neewer
    • This was in my favorites last month & I just can’t help but share it again! It’s been wicked helpful cuz it creates more time in the day to make videos & take pictures. It extends the day so you don’t have to rely solely on daylight.
  6. GUCCI GUILTY – perfume
    • I mentioned in my 30 Before 30 post that I wanted to have a signature scent & gucci guilty is probably the closest I’ve been to that. I’ve been using this one for years on & off. The notes are geranium, pink pepper, lilac, peach, amber & patchouli. I don’t love overly floral scents, I typically go for a masculine-feminine balance & this delivers.


COMMENT BELOW, tell me something pretty about your month of May, your monthly favorites!




  1. I feel like I recently “re-discovered” the butter bronzer which I’ve had forever. I’ve been using a different bronzer for a few weeks and then picked up the butter bronzer again and thought to myself “why did I stop using this? This blush is seriously the best”. It goes on sooo smooth and never a distinct line! Great favorites post!

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  2. Tobacco and vanilla candle… that’s the first I’ve ever heard of it, but I’m so damn intrigued. Sounds like it will smell delicious.
    Gucci Guilty is lovely, it’s not too strong I feel. The unisex perfumes are the best, they’re usually the lightest. Chanel perfumes tend to find a good balance.

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