unpopular opinionsUnpopular opinions have become pretty popular & I’m here to share some more of mine! I always LOVE the comment sections on these posts. It’s cool to see who agrees with your opinion & who thinks something completely different. There’s so many different opinions out there & I wanna know ’em all.

I don’t watch game of thrones

  • & I’m not gonna. I KNOW it’s like this hugeeee thing & everyone’s watching, but I just don’t wanna. A lot of the stuff depicted in the show bothers me & I’d rather not watch. I’ve seen some of it, but meh, just doesn’t interest me. & don’t @ me, I’ve already heard it all.

Meatballs kinda freak me out

  • idk it sounds stupid, but there’s something about the delivery that I don’t love. It’s just not the most appetizing option, a ball of meat, idk. Something about the way that it’s smashed up into a ball like that, bothers me.

I don’t like the fake freckle makeup trend

  • IDK OKAY maybe I’m just being stubborn cuz I actually have freckles, stop stealing my brand. LOL but no, I feel like (in most cases) it looks pretty fake. Unless it’s done really well, it just kinda looks odd. I’ve seen it look cute, but the trend bugs me overall.

Skins is better than 13 reasons why

  • Okay so this one might not actually be an ‘unpopular’ opinion, but I wanna know if anyone agrees! I feel like both shows portray mental health & tough stuff that teenagers go through, but skins is better at it.
  • Still not sure how I feel about it overall, but check out my 13 thoughts on 13 reasons why!

Chocolate is overrated

  • BREATHE. It’s just not that good. I like a bit of chocolate here & there, but it’s not my favorite thing. Gimme a basket of fries & a burger, but make the milkshake vanilla, thanks.


In da comments, lemme know which of these you agree or disagree with most!

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