OOTD: Circus Tent Midi Skirt

OOTDMy clothes have a huge impact on my mood, anyone else? If I like my outfit, everything’s good, the day’s going great. But bad outfit? Bad day. The pattern of this striped midi skirt reminds me of a circus tent & for some reason that makes me smile. Outfit of the day featuring this circus-tent-looking skirt, let’s do dis.

I just wanna mention that these tight midi skirts aren’t the easiest to walk in, especially up the stairs lol. It’s a bit restrictive around your legs, but pretty comfy overall. It was 80° & sunny on Saturday and this outfit definitely helped me keep cool.

I found this old black tank top in my dresser & knotted it so it would hit right above the skirt. I layered a strappy bra underneath & added this striped midi skirt from Bershka, which I got through the ASOS website. I finished off the look with white converse, my black backpack & yellow sunnies from ASOS. I vlogged this weekend, so you’ll get to see this outfit in action on Wednesday!


In da comments, tell me, if you had to wear ONE outfit for the rest of your life, what would you choose? (I’d choose mom jeans & a t-shirt 👽)

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49 thoughts on “OOTD: Circus Tent Midi Skirt

  1. definitely agree! if i’m wearing something i feel really good about, i feel really motivated/productive, confident, and overall in a better mood. if i’m wearing something that’s uncomfortable or that makes me feel self-conscious, it reflects in my mood. i’m trying to get rid of those things from my closet so i only wear what makes me feel good!

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