cup of tea

Whether you are a father, you know a father, or you love a father, I hope everyone had a lovely fathers day! I used to do this thing with my dad where I would invite him to my tea party & he had to dress up if he wanted to attend. Everything (including tea cookies, sugar cubes & even the tea) was supplied by my dad, but damn if he wasn’t wearing a hat, lol. I thought it would be cool to have some tea & cookies, re-create this childhood photo of my dad & I having a tea party.

HERE WE ARE, HAVING A CUTE LIL TEA PARTY, THEN & NOW. Honestly though, get you a dad that will have tea parties with you. This guy spent a stupid amount of money on tea cookies & sugar cubes for these shindigs, but I’m glad cuz I always had fun & once we even got my brother to come to our tea party. He wore a cowboy hat, lol. But yeah, I’ve been super busy lately, so it was nice to slow down & have a few cups of tea. ALSO, big thanks to mum for helping us re-create this lovely lil moment!

We celebrated fathers day at Rock’n Ribfest at the Anheuser-Busch brewery. It’s become a bit of a tradition, we’ve gone quite a few years now. We enjoyed some delicious BBQ (it’s kinda like a BBQ cookoff) beer & live music, plus you get to see the beautiful Clydesdales. We did the tour this year & sampled some free beer as well, cuz, free beer. Always a good time & always nice to hang out with the old man!


COMMENT BELOW & tell me about a family tradition or let me know what you did for fathers day!


JAM ☕️


  1. GIRLLLLL!!! STOP IT! This hurts my heart SO much! This is so stinking precious. I absolutely love this! I know I sound super basic right now, but seriously. Ughhh All the feels! ❤


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