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If you liked Making a Murderer or The Keepers then you should check out this new netflix original, The Staircase. We follow Michael Peterson’s trial in a documentary-style 13-part series. His wife ended up at the bottom of the stairs, the question being murder or misfortune? A classic case of did-he-or-didn’t-he. I don’t wanna give away too much, but here are my thoughts.

my thoughts on the staircase:

OKAY so basically this guy & his wife are having a few drinks, then she goes inside to head to bed. Later he ‘finds her’ at the bottom of the stairs, barely breathing & quite bloody & calls 911. He says she fell down the stairs, but ultimately ends up being a suspect in her murder. There are twists & turns, a lot of ambiguity & an overwhelming sense of ‘wait, what?’ with every new piece of information.

IDK I sorta h8 the whole family lol, but don’t push me down the stairs guys. The twin girls feel super brain washed to me. Their mum was found dead at the bottom of the stairs & since Michael Peterson was friends with her, he adopted them & raised them as his own. So, for those keeping the minutes of the meeting, that’s TWO women, TWO staircases & ONE man. IDK.

This one definitely sucked me in & I watched it pretty quickly. If you’re into murder mysteries & docu-series, then I’d give it a watch. BUT the whole family just makes a few too many murder jokes in my opinion, like, come on guys. And he’s SO cocky throughout the whole series, joking about murder, drinking, being merry & laughing about the case. Bit messed up.

P.S. there’s a third theory that wasn’t brought up in court that she was murdered by an owl. I read a little bit about it & honestly? Not an impossible theory. Hopefully one day we’ll find out what actually happened to Kathleen Peterson that night. Personally, I kinda think he did it. He seems completely flippant about the whole thing & nothing he says throughout the series feels very genuine. BUT IDK.


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  1. Oh good lordt, I just finished this last night. WILD. I was convinced he did it in the first few episodes (SO MUCH BLOOD) but then as time went on and his amazing lawyer (I heart David Rudolf) tried the case, I felt like I had more than enough reasonable doubt. I’ll always be tripped up by the amount of blood and that other woman in his life dying in the exact same way (and the family was so so so so weird), but…I don’t know. It’s entirely plausible he didn’t do it!


    1. RIGHT OMG the amount of blood was honestly gross 🙈 hahaha that was brett’s favorite ‘character’ in the show, too funny! omg the fam is really very very strange & both women dying on the stairs seems like a crazy coincidence… if it wasn’t him, I kinda think it was the owl


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