if we were having coffeeOr, in this case, brunch & a cocktail. This is my 11th chatty catch-up post in this series & last time I asked if I should stop doing these. BUT I got a couple comments saying how you guys like them, so, here we are. THIS brunch was at a place called The Indo & I got french toast on challah bread with maple syrup & a raspberry moscow mule, probs one of the better mules I’ve had. Grab your coffee, or a cocktail, some french toast even & let’s do dis ‘if we were having coffee’ thing.

If we were having coffee… I would DEFINITELY wanna talk about The Staircase on netflix. It follows Michael Peterson through his trial once he becomes a suspect in his wife’s murder investigation. I wrote a review post if you wanna know more about it, or if you’ve watched & wanna tell me which theory you believe!

If we were having coffee… I’d wanna hear your thoughts on instagram TV. I’m already brainstorming video ideas, what do you guys think? Are you gonna use it or do you think it’s dumb? (p.s. here’s my insta & I like to follow back 💛)

brunch outfitIf we were having coffee… We could talk about how brett & I are thinking about getting a dog! We’re thinking a smaller breed & we have to go hypoallergenic. I would definitely ask if you have any breed suggestions! If so, leave ’em in da comments.

If we were having coffee… I’d mention how much I’ve been loving vlogging lately! My latest vlog featured brett & I eating a ton of delicious food, drinking mudslides, our hamster & I even scared brett cuz the best way to end a weekend vlog is to bug your brett, right? lol. Watch if ya want, subscribe if ya like & let me know if you have a channel so I can watch your videos too!

And if we were having coffee… I’d wanna know all about how YOU have been. Tell me something pretty in da comments, something good that has happened lately!


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