OR my 300th(ISH) post, OOPS LOL I forgot about my 300th post. This will be my 305th post, which is kinda crazy to be honest. 300 posts & over 31k visitors, I mean, that’s pretty cool. I love writing on the blog & I want to thank you all for giving a damn about don’t give a jam! I’ve been learning & growing for over 300 posts now & I have a billion more ideas, so stick around. Today I’m sharing some stats & I want you to ASK ME ANYTHING for a future Q&A video, so leave me questions in the comments.

TOP BLOG POSTS:                                                                        


FOLLOWERS: Over 2,700! Maybe I’ll think of something cool to do for 3,000. 😉

dont give a jam instagram


  • I’ve been loving INSTA & TWITTER lately! If you wanna follow me, I like to follow back, just saying.
  • I also recently started to post YOUTUBE videos every other Wednesday & I’m having a blast. Watch if ya want & subscribe if ya like!
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading & commenting & watching & everything cuz honestly it makes me so happy to know my words made someone smile.

LEAVE A QUESTION in the comment, ask me anything you wanna know! I’m filming a Q&A video soon & I wanna talk about the stuff you wanna know about.



55 thoughts on “300 POSTS

  1. Whooo 305th post that’s a lot, congratulations. Can’t wait for more blog posts in future. Questions for the Q&A: “Describe your self in three key words”, “How would you describe your fashion style” and “What is your number one makeup product”. xx

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  2. Congrats Jamie!!! I always miss my milestone posts haha, so I can relate. Also, super bummed I didn’t make your top commenters! I’ll try harder for the next one! My question is, what is the most surprising outcome of blogging for you?

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