june favorites blogIt’s about that time where I share my monthly favorites. It’s been a busy & exciting month for me & I’m happy that the summer sun is shining. Talking Netflix, cruelty-free & more. Sharing the stuff I’ve been loving more than other stuff this month, let’s do dis favorites thing.

monthly favorites:

  1. La Croix Sparkling Water – orange
    • It’s no secret that I’m la-croix-obsessed & this month I’ve really been loving the orange flavor. It kinda reminds me of a super healthy orange soda & I’m cool with that. If you like sparkling water & orange-flavored stuff, then give it a try.
  2. Gentle Foaming Cleanser – burt’s bees
    • I’ve been using this cleanser for a year or so, it’s been in an empties video & an empties post so it’s a true fave! It’s fun and foamy & burt’s bees is such a natural, affordable brand. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin & takes off my face makeup (tinted moisturizer, bronzer & blush) plus they don’t test on animals.
  3. The Staircase – Netflix Original
    • This 13-part series follows Michael Peterson’s trial once he becomes a suspect in his wife’s murder investigation. It has a few gory moments & all the people kinda annoy me, but it’s a really interesting story. If you’ve seen it, lemme know which theory you believe. Anyone think it was an owl? 👀 I wrote a review if you wanna hear a bit more before you check it out!
  4. Island Vanilla Perfume Roll-On – Pacifica
    • I was at Target, saw this & grabbed it on a whim. I threw it in my purse for easy applications throughout the day. I find vanilla to be a really relaxing scent & I really like having a roll-on perfume handy. Also, a vegan & cruelty-free brand!
  5. Worth the Hype Mascara – NYX
    • OKAY so I saw pamela’s summer makeup routine & had to try out this mascara! I think it’s totally worth the hype, lol. Another cruelty-free brand & I actually really like this mascara. It’s supposed to be ‘volumizing & lengthening’ & I feel like it does that at a super affordable price.
  6. Mule Shoes – ASOS
    • I’ve been loving mules lately, these ones are black with mirrored tips. Another great ASOS brand find & I’ve been loving that mule-wearing weather is back. They’re a cute alternative to sandals & I like that they can be dressed up OR down. I just got another pair actually, they’re in an outfit post coming soon!


In da comments, tell me the best thing about your month! How was your June?

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