unpopular opinionsPIZZA & it’s time to share some opinions of the unpopular variety. The comment section on these posts always crack me up, it’s so cool to see how different people’s opinions can be. Like, for example, whether you prefer your pizza hot or cold. 🍕 SO let’s start the weekend LOLing at some unpopular opinions.

Shape mac n cheese is better than the noodles

  • OKAY I honestly know some people are with me on this one (looking at you Val). CUZ for boxed mac n cheese the shapes legitimately TASTE better than the original noodles. I don’t care that it doesn’t make sense, I don’t care that shapes are for kids. I’m buying them, I’m eating them, they’re better.

Washing your hair everyday is insane

  • STOP & put down the shampoo. Your hair doesn’t need to be washed everyday & honestly (unless it’s greasy, that’s your own ~thing~) it’s bad for your hair. Reach for the dry shampoo now & then, skip lathering up in the shower.

Cold pizza is borderline better than hot pizza

  • ALRIGHT. It’s not like hot pizza is bad or anything, it’s just that there’s something about grabbing a cold slice of leftover pizza from the fridge. It’s a snack, it’s lunch, heck, it’s even breakfast. Not too many things a slice of cold pizza can’t do & absolutely don’t @ me.

I use my personal insta to promote my blog

  • SHAMELESS self promo lol but I think we should follow each other on insta cuz then you can keep up with my BLOG, my VLOGS, & my life all in one place, and for FREE.99 as well. AND I can see what you’re up to as well. 👀

Stop complaining about whatever season it isn’t

  • I’m literally so sick of people complaining during EVERY season that it isn’t a DIFFERENT season. Like? Each season has good & bad, stop wishing time away by waiting for the next season, it’ll come, just relax.


In da comments, lemme know which unpopular opinion you agree (or disagree) with most!

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65 thoughts on “UNPOPULAR OPINIONS (5)

  1. Totally agree with the Mac n cheese shape is better than the noodles! 🙌🏼
    Definitely can’t agree with the cold pizza thing but I know so many people who like it that way, my friend was recently just recommending me to eat my pizza cold and I was like ‘no thanks’ haha!
    Oh and omg the season thing gets on my nerves!!!! Although I recently did complain about it so perhaps I shouldn’t talk haha! 😅😅


    1. shapes are so much better 🙌🏻 LOL i feel like you either love cold pizza, or think it’s really gross & that’s totally fair 😂 hahaha i’ve for sure complained once or twice, i just like to try & enjoy each season for the good parts!!

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