2018 mid-year review

HALFWAY through the year, halfway happy. I’m loving the sunny weather & while it’s been crazy busy, it’s been a pretty fun summer so far. Recently went to see Rebelution again for a friend’s birthday, was in my friend’s (more like sister since I’ve known her since 3) beautiful wedding AND some exciting stuff coming next month. SO since July is the halfway point, I thought I’d do a 2018 mid-year review!

I posted this review of the becca liptuitive glow gloss back in March & it’s my most visited post this year. I still use this gloss ALL the time & it’s found a permanent home in my purse. This gloss adjusts to your natural lip color for the perfect wash of pink & it’s not sticky. 10/10 would recommend if you’re looking for a natural-glossy-lip look.

Q&A video

I started a YouTube channel! I’ve been posting videos every other Wednesday & hoping to upload more frequently soon. My Q&A video is a good one to watch if you’re new & wanna get to know me a bit better! I had alotta fun editing that one. Watch if ya want & subscribe if ya like, both are totally free.99!

I’ve been posting unpopular opinions each month & honestly, some of the funnier comment sections I’ve seen. It’s cool to see how much people’s opinions can vary. I’ve posted five of them so far & I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Gotta give the people what they want, ya know?

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JAM πŸ’›

39 thoughts on “2018 MID-YEAR REVIEW

  1. Crazy to think that we’re now more than halfway to 2019!! I loved this recap post, sounds like it’s been a great first half of the year, here’s hoping the second half has more fun things in store!! πŸ˜€

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