eating vegan for a day

OKAY so I’ve been curious about changing to a more vegan / vegetarian diet pretty much my whole life. SO it was finally time to try it out & in the spirit of taking small steps, I figured I would try eating vegan for a day. I KNOW RIGHT an entire day, lol. Let’s do dis eating vegan thing.

10:30AM breakfast – Went out for breakfast and ordered an energy boost juice and a vegetable scramble at Blue Moon Grill in Wakefield, MA. I ordered it without the eggs (obviously) but was surprised to find I had to swap out the home fries because they add parmesan cheese to them. WHY? I mean, sounds good, but, not needed & it made me sad for all the vegan/lactose intolerant people out there. I got a side of fresh fruit instead & I missed home fries, but otherwise breakfast was very good!

BUT it got me thinking. WAIT. I was relying on those potatoes for carbs & calories AND NOW I have fruit instead. How do I know I’m getting all my nutrients that I need for the day?

Well, recently I found out about these vegan test strips that test for things such as: nutrient deficiencies to make sure you’re getting all your nutrients (in case your diet is off-balance, which was my worry!) as well as multiple tests to see if you should go vegan for allergy-related reasons and to determine if eating vegan is the best option for you. I feel like it’s SO important to make sure (whatever diet you choose) that you’re getting all your nutrients and eating the right foods for your body.

Interested in trying out one of these test kits? is the only place to get these vegan test strips & if you use the CODE: JAM25 you can get 25% off!

2:00PM snack – I had a Clif Bar in the flavor ‘cool mint chocolate’ & OMG it was absolutely delicious! I’ll definitely be getting more for future snacking as it went perfectly with my green tea. A much needed caffeine boost!

4:00PM snack – I got hungry again, so I had a bag of SkinnyPop popcorn, which is vegan certified. I’ve had this before, it’s really good & has just the right amount of salt, not too much. I also drank La Croix throughout the day, per usual.

7:30PM dinner – AND for dinner I made a baked crispy tofu and peanut sauce stir fry, which included substitutions to make it vegan, such as swapping out honey for pure maple syrup. It came out good (not great) but my guy did clear his plate, so it couldn’t have been that bad, lol. Just a bit too peanut butter-y for me I guess. But overall, good!

9:00PM snack – I had a honey crisp apple cuz ya girl was hungry.

OVERALL I think eating vegan for a day was a really cool experience. I don’t always eat meat at dinner, but it definitely made me want to include more vegetarian or vegan dinners! AND it made me realize that it’s not always easy for someone with a vegan diet to make sure they’re getting all their nutrients.

SO make sure to check out if you’re vegan (or trying to go vegan) & are worried about getting all your vitamins, etc. or wondering if a vegan diet would be a good lifestyle change to keep your body healthy!


In da comments, let me know your favorite vegan recipe OR let me know what you would miss most if you went vegan! I think I would miss cheese.



*thanks to for sponsoring this post, all views are my own.

88 thoughts on “EATING VEGAN FOR A DAY

  1. Loved reading this, i transitioned into veganism almost two years ago now and it was definitely the best decision i ever made but its really interesting to read how you found veganism!! loved the rest of your blog by the way!! i recently wrote something about some of the reasons why trying veganism is good…let me know what you think if you get time to check it out 🙂 xx

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  2. Your meal ideas are amazing and look so tasty! You’ve already made the most important leap in your head by even considering veganism as an option. It’s a gradual process but it takes some care and attention to do it right. Once you’ve got all the information about nutrition nailed down, it becomes second nature. I’ve never felt healthier or happier since going vegan and the foo is delicious (:

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