monthly favoritesIt’s the last day of July & I’m here to share all the things I’ve been loving more than other things this month. It’s been a very busy summer, but definitely the good type of busy. Friends, sunshine, celebrating love, beach trips, you know, all the summer stuff. Hope everyone had a beautiful July, let’s do dis monthly favorites thing.

monthly favorites:

  1. Glasses – Jeepers Peepers
    • I got these for cheap cuz they were on the ASOS sale & I’ve been wearing them a lot. I wore them in a recent OOTD post & idk, I’ve just been liking the look. I wear real glasses, these ones are fake, just a fun accessory!
  2. Planner – ban.do
    • I’m a bit obsessed with this planner & all the cute stickers, quotes, graphics, etc. It’s from ban.do & it’s holographic, plus it comes with everything ya need & then some. I love the elastic band to keep it closed AND the ribbon to keep your page. I use it to plan all my blog posts, I wrote a ban.do review if ya wanna know more!
  3. Eating vegan for a day
    • I recently ate vegan for a whole ENTIRE day for a blog post. I went out to breakfast which turned out to be quite interesting, got some yummy vegan snacks & made tofu stir fry for dinner. It was a big day & a pretty cool experience! My eating vegan for a day post is up if you wanna hear all about what I ate & my thoughts.
  4. Body lotion with milk & honey – Burt’s Bees
    • Lotion is one of those products where I’m not super loyal to ONE type, or brand. I tried this one recently cuz I love Burt’s Bees & it’s so nice. It has a light honey scent, sinks in quickly & isn’t greasy, which is a big one in my opinion.
  5. Scorpion by Drake
    • I mean, who hasn’t listened to this yet? I’ve been LOLing at the ‘in my feelings challenge’ & my favorite song on the album is Can’t Take a Joke. I’m not actually super into Drake, but I’ve been loving this 25 track album. Something for everyone (unless you h8 Drake).
  6. Liptuitive Glow Gloss – Becca
    • I’ve talked about this before & I’m still loving it. This has been living in my purse for MONTHS now & I just think it’s the perfect summery gloss. It reacts to the chemistry of your lips for the perfect wash of pink AND it’s not sticky, so that’s good. Are you even a 90’s kid if you aren’t still obsessing over glossy lips?


In da comments tell me something pretty, your July monthly favorite!

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