beach day essentialsHEY HI HELLO talking about beach day essentials, all the things that are in my beach bag. Had our family beach vacation last week & lemme tell you, it was absolutely amazing to unplug & soak up some sunshine. Summer isn’t over quite yet, so if you’re headed to the beach, these are my beach must-haves. It’s what’s in my beach bag.

beach bag

  • beach blanket
    • I totally feel ya if you prefer a chair, but if it’s not TOO hot, I like to lay out. This beach blanket lives in the trunk of my car so I have it whenever I need it!
  • bathing suit
    • For a beach day I typically layer this under my clothes. Pictured above, I pulled some high-waisted jean shorts over this one piece from ASOS. Since I was on the beach all week, I brought a few bikinis to mix & match!
  • beach towel
    • Ya know, in case you go in the water & end up getting wet. OR you can skip the chair and/or blanket & just lay on your towel.
  • sandals
    • The sand can get really hot & some beaches have boardwalks, so ya need shoes! I like to wear an older pair that I don’t mind getting all sandy.
  • a hat
    • Nice to have a hat to throw on, instant shade for yo face.
  • sweatshirt
    • It can get a bit chilly at night if there’s a sea breeze, so I like to have a light sweatshirt to throw on if I get cold. This one is from Buddy Project, so it supports a great cause while being super cute, I love the yellow. 💛
  • sunblock
    • This Sun Bum sunscreen is AMAZING, smells like summer & I didn’t burn once all week! It’s cruelty-free too, I seriously won’t use anything else.
  • hair care
    • This is a salt spray my mum gave me to try, perfect to touch up your hair after a beach day! Especially if you’re going out for cocktails & seafood afterwards.
  • perfume
    • Always nice to freshen up after a beach day!
  • hair accessories
    • Typically I would just wear one, but since I was there all week, I took three headbands & two scrunchies, plus some hair ties. Gotta keep that hair outta your face!
  • cover-up
    • Pretty self-explanatory. Gotta have a cute cover-up to throw on when you’re walking around & what-not.
  • a book
    • I like to have something to read while sunbathing. My fam is reading the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon for our summer reading group, so I brought that!
  • headphones
    • In case I wanna listen to music while I read OR we use our Bose speaker.
  • sunglasses
    • To block da sun & da h8rs.
  • football
    • We like to throw the football around on the beach when we’re not swimming, sunbathing, going on beach walks, or playing cornhole. Nice to stay active!
  • backpack
    • Obviously ya need something to put everything in. I got this bag for $10 when I went to visit Burlington, VT & I’m obsessed with it.
  • water
    • Stay hydrated.


In da comments, let me know the one thing you ALWAYS bring to the beach!

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