unpopular opinionsUNPOPULAR opinion, but I like that everyone has a totally different way of thinking. It’s not that I like to be disagreed with, more that I find it intriguing to hear what other people think & how that may differ from the opinions I’ve formed. SO here’s to a fresh week & some fresh unpopular opinions.

  1. Funny pictures are better than getting the perfect shot
    • I MEAN, don’t get me wrong, get that perfect shot. BUT there’s just something about capturing a funny/imperfect moment, it feels more real. The picture above, for example. I was using the timer on my camera & at the same time the shot was snapped, a bug flew by my ear & I freaked out. A funny blooper.
  2. I prefer my pop-tarts NOT toasted
    • They’re best fresh out of the packet & just don’t taste as good once you’ve toasted them. PLUS eating them as is makes them an on-the-go treat.
  3. I really don’t think there’s any reason to tip less than 20% at a restaurant
    • My friend Mia & I were talking about this the other day. She was a waitress for awhile and people are honestly so rude. That person brought you your food while you just sat there. HOW can you not simply throw a decent tip their way?
  4. I get she’s talented, but I don’t much care about Beyonce
    • Just never bought into her whole thing? And the whole “YoU hAvE jUsT aS mAnY hOuRs In A dAy As BeYoNcE” thing it’s like NO, literally no. Does she even have to do her own makeup? Like? I re-did my eyebrows twice the other day, lol that takes time.
  5. I like dad jokes & dad bods
    1. Someone to laugh & eat pizza with, ya know?
  6. I think the old ‘It’ is better than the new one
    • IDK the TV mini-series was good & damn scary. I really liked the movie, just prefer the mini-series from 1990 & tend to prefer originals as a whole. I have a memory from my childhood of watching It on TV & honestly SO chilling, totally ruined clowns for me.



In da comments, lemme know which opinion you agree OR disagree with most!

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62 thoughts on “UNPOPULAR OPINIONS (6)

  1. I think tipping is a lot more popular and bigger in America than in England because 10% is considered the standard tip here, or at least when I go out to eat it is (maybe I just have dinner with cheapskates).
    I personally like dad jokes and bodies too! I personally make terrible jokes and puns all the time so I need someone who can keep up with that. xx

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