picking up our puppy

A special sort of weekend vlog, the one where my I GET A PUPPY. We’re so excited to have a little pup running around the new house & we aren’t even that mad that he’s peeing everywhere, lol. He’s such a GOOD BOY. Check out the weekend vlog to see how cute he is.

weekend vlog:

IF you have an extra 8 minutes and you wanna virtually meet GRIZZLY, give this weekend vlog a watch. Lots of pee on our carpet, homemade apple crisp AND I filmed my current nighttime & morning skincare routines. WATCH if ya want & SUBSCRIBE if ya like, both are totally FREE.99!


COMMENT BELOW & tell me your pet’s name!


JAM ðŸ»

63 thoughts on “WEEKEND VLOG | WE GOT A PUPPY!

  1. Well he is just sickly sweet!! And I love the name.
    To help toilet train him take him out immediately after playing with him as they usually have to pee after getting excited, and then just overtly praise him. And they usually need to go every hour or 2 at that age. You could also buy puppy training pads so that if he does have an accident inside its at least on that and not your rug! Just put it whenever he is peeing most often and it also helps them learn that there are designated areas for doing that stuff. How exciting for you guys though! Not to sound like overdramatic but your worlds are about to change in the greatest way 😉

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