unpopular opinionsI hope you’re having a wonderful SPOOKY season. It is about DAMN time I shared some more of my unpopular opinions. I always LOVE the comment sections on these posts cuz I think it’s so cool how different opinions can vary, for one reason or another. ALL IN GOOD FUN, let’s talk unpopular opinions & be sure to let me know in da comments which one you disagree (or agree) with the most!

We shouldn’t have to learn old technology

  • I MEAN, at 27 years old I shouldn’t have to be googling ‘how to fax things’ & trying to fax someone 10 times before demanding an email so I can scan & attach. LOL JUST SAYING. Get on email you dinosaur.

I am ready to stop getting carded for booze

  • I KNOW that I’m supposed to be happy about it & take it as a compliment. BUT unpopular opinion I don’t feel complimented that you made me pull out THREE forms of ID. LOL I’m over it.

Twitter does NOT need an edit feature

  • I totally get wanting to fix your typos, but typos are what make twitter real. AND I’ve seen a lot of people mention not wanting an edit feature cuz people could change the tweet you’ve liked/retweeted into something BAD & then you look like a jerk. Best to leave twitter as it is.

Talking about your numbers all the time is boring

  • I’m all for supporting other bloggers & helping people reach their goals, but it shouldn’t be ALL about the numbers. If you’re just throwing your stats around everywhere all the time, don’t talk to me lol. It reminds me of that Black Mirror episode (Nosedive) where people rated each other. IDK, not my fave thing to talk about, don’t @ me.

I watched Shane Dawson’s series & I still don’t like Jake Paul

  • I found this series to be wicked interesting & done amazingly well, despite having never watched a Jake Paul video. Shane‘s been doing some really epic stuff over on his channel & his documentaries (shot by Andrew Siwicki) are coming out amazingly well. My opinion on Jake Paul changed throughout the series & it was cool to get inside his mind, but I kinda still don’t like him that much, IDK.

Don’t skip Halloween on your way to Christmas

  • It’s fun to dress up & be someone/something else for a night. I’m having a Halloween housewarming party this year & I’m so excited to see what everyone comes as! Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, just don’t skip Halloween on your way there.


In da comments, lemme know which unpopular opinion you agree/disagree with most!

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