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I HOPE everyone had a wonderful spooky weekend. IF you’re still looking for some spooky stuff to watch, The Haunting of Hill House is a scary series that has had everyone talking this month. It’s a Netflix original & I definitely recommend giving it a watch if you’re looking for a drama/horror series. Let’s do dis (spoiler-free) Netflix original review & lemme know what to watch next!

haunting of hill house review:

CREATOR: Mike Flanagan

GENRE: TV drama/TV horror


The Haunting of Hill House is a reimagining of a book written by Shirley Jackson, a drama/horror series on Netflix that follows a family of seven who lived in a haunted house when they were young. Many of the episodes are dedicated to one character, giving you an insight into their personal backstory & linking their past to their present through stories & dreams. The story is told by flipping from adulthood to childhood in interesting & disorienting ways, scenes fading into one another seamlessly. The editing allows for time to become blurred for the viewer, creating a weird concept of time & how it works. AND the cinematography is amazing, such as in episode 6 where long, continuous shots are used to tell the story in a real, raw & theatrical way.

OVERALL I felt the series was modern & kept my attention with some REALLY spectacular acting. A series about grief, about hauntings, a series about madness & trauma. A wonderfully spooky tale woven & entangled throughout childhood and into adulthood, of nightmares spilling into reality. There are hidden ghosts throughout the series (try to spot them in the background!) and a VERY intriguing room with a really red door. From bent-neck lady to the guy drinking whiskey, there are many different versions of what it means to be a ghost in this series, on what can haunt you in life. Plus those jump scares will get ya, lol. I believe the creator feels the Crain story has been told & that the family has been through enough. SO, if there’s a season 2 of The Haunting of Hill House there is talk of telling a different story of the house, or creating an anthology.

FRIGHT METER: I heard people were PASSING OUT cuz of how scary this one is, but honestly IDK about that. Although, there are for sure some scary moments & we DID sleep with our salt lamp up just a bit brighter while we were binging this one. 👀

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COMMENT BELOW, let me know which Netflix original I should watch & review next!



P.S. (SPOILER) if you’ve seen The Haunting of Hill House, how COOL (and dark) is the concept of the red room? In da comments, let me know what YOURS would be. Mine would probably be a space to write & create.


  1. I really hate jump scares so will not be checking this out but I am glad you enjoyed it! I have been watching Sabrina recently which is a little creepy at times, but thankfully no jump scares as of yet.

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      1. I never saw the original so I cannot compare it to that. I am enjoying it although the fact that the protagonist is only 16 and seems 16 does bring down my enjoyment of it slightly – I prefer an older protagonist. Watch the first episode and make your own opinion!


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