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A few years back, I proofread a paper about fast fashion written by a friend & I’ve been thinking about it ever since. FAST FASHION is the new & latest fashions coming from the catwalk, what’s new & trendy RIGHT now. The kind of clothes you might wear one season because they’re IN & then get rid of the next cuz they’re OUT, which is something I have a really hard time doing. I’m the keep-clothes-so-long-they-become-vintage type, SO here are MY THOUGHTS ON FAST FASHION.

ethical fashion:

I’ve always loved hand-me-downs, like my parents’ vintage t-shirts, a denim jacket from when my brother was a kid, stuff from neighbors & cousins growing up & I even have my grampa’s CPO jacket from when he was in the Navy. Some of my absolute FAVORITE items in my closet are from other people. Vintage fashion tells a story, or holds a memory, which isn’t something you get as much with fast fashion, something you just picked up from a shop. I like to mix vintage pieces in with trendier stuff to create an outfit unique to my personal style.

being a conscious consumer:

ON THE other side of fast fashion are the sweatshops, complete with bad working conditions & unfair wages. These facilities also negatively impact the environment, what-with the pouring chemicals and polluting the earth. OVERALL I prefer shopping in my parents’ closet over being a fashion robot, lol. DON’T get me wrong, I’m a total sucker for a good trend, but it’s nice to recycle clothes & re-love them when someone else can’t anymore. AND it’s cool to help save the environment while you build a cool & ethical wardrobe.

ways to avoid fast fashion:

  • SO MUCH clothing ends up getting thrown away or destroyed when it’s no longer on-trend, SO consider donating your gently loved clothes so someone else can love them.
  • Do some thrifting to find new-to-you styles.
  • Buy from ethical brands that are eco-friendly, donate, or give back in some way.
  • Search for staple pieces that you can wear again & again.
  • If you need an outfit for a specific occasion, there are sites (like rent the runway) that let you rent items for an event & then send them back. That way, you can wear the latest trends, but from a company that uses fewer resources.
  • Learn to sew so you can fix your clothes when they get torn, etc. instead of having to get rid of them! I recently stitched up my favorite pair of jeans because they ripped in the seam & now they’re GOOD AS NEW.


P.S. hi dad if you’re reading this, I have your Joe Cool shirt lol, love you.


COMMENT BELOW, let’s talk ethical fashion, tell me about the piece in your wardrobe you’ve had the longest!




  1. Yas girl I shop mostly only second hand, when I do buy something at a big store it’s something I’m going to wear for YEARS! I feel like fast fashion and big brands are on their way out, and being sustainable is much more in!

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