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A few years back, I proofread a paper about fast fashion written by a friend & I’ve been thinking about it ever since. FAST FASHION is the new & latest fashions coming from the catwalk, what’s new & trendy RIGHT now. The kind of clothes you might wear one season because they’re IN & then get rid of the next cuz they’re OUT, which is something I have a really hard time doing. I’m the keep-clothes-so-long-they-become-vintage type, SO here are MY THOUGHTS ON FAST FASHION.

ethical fashion:

I’ve always loved hand-me-downs, like my parents’ vintage t-shirts, a denim jacket from when my brother was a kid, stuff from neighbors & cousins growing up & I even have my grampa’s CPO jacket from when he was in the Navy. Some of my absolute FAVORITE items in my closet are from other people. Vintage fashion tells a story, or holds a memory, which isn’t something you get as much with fast fashion, something you just picked up from a shop. I like to mix vintage pieces in with trendier stuff to create an outfit unique to my personal style.

being a conscious consumer:

ON THE other side of fast fashion are the sweatshops, complete with bad working conditions & unfair wages. These facilities also negatively impact the environment, what-with the pouring chemicals and polluting the earth. OVERALL I prefer shopping in my parents’ closet over being a fashion robot, lol. DON’T get me wrong, I’m a total sucker for a good trend, but it’s nice to recycle clothes & re-love them when someone else can’t anymore. AND it’s cool to help save the environment while you build a cool & ethical wardrobe.

ways to avoid fast fashion:

  • SO MUCH clothing ends up getting thrown away or destroyed when it’s no longer on-trend, SO consider donating your gently loved clothes so someone else can love them.
  • Do some thrifting to find new-to-you styles.
  • Buy from ethical brands that are eco-friendly, donate, or give back in some way.
  • Search for staple pieces that you can wear again & again.
  • If you need an outfit for a specific occasion, there are sites (like rent the runway) that let you rent items for an event & then send them back. That way, you can wear the latest trends, but from a company that uses fewer resources.
  • Learn to sew so you can fix your clothes when they get torn, etc. instead of having to get rid of them! I recently stitched up my favorite pair of jeans because they ripped in the seam & now they’re GOOD AS NEW.


P.S. hi dad if you’re reading this, I have your Joe Cool shirt lol, love you.


COMMENT BELOW, let’s talk ethical fashion, tell me about the piece in your wardrobe you’ve had the longest!


JAM πŸ’›


  1. Love all the outfits, especially the red top, that looks gorgeous. I do a little thrifting called little sisters, just donate to them or the local charity shop should love it! I think it might be a fun idea to gift any heavy clothing like hoodies to the homeless for winter as well. πŸ™‚

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  2. Similarly to fast fashion, I am so guilty at buying poorly made, cheaper clothes that will only last a few washes before fading and/or breaking. As a student, the cheap prices are attractive but if you factor in the number of times you have to replace them, it is probably more economically friendly to buy a good quality t-shirt that will last you years. I have so many jumpers that are fuzzy now because they have been overwashed. Loved this post as always. xx

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    1. UGH yes, that’s such a struggle! definitely better to save up a bit & buy higher quality staples that will last a bit longer. BUT sometimes it’s hard to say no to an inexpensive trendy item cuz it’s CUTE, totally feel ya πŸ’› so glad ya liked it!

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