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IF you’re anything like me, maybe you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping just yet. I started festive December off right last weekend at Lily Mack Farm, a local Christmas tree farm in Dracut, MA with a festive shop overflowing with wreaths, gifts, love, decor & more. OR MAYBE you haven’t finished your Hanukkah shopping yet (better get to it). Instead of heading to the mall, why not a trip to your favorite local shop? Support small business & shop local this season.

shop small this season:

The Guthrie family runs Lily Mack Farm and seem genuinely & truly, well, nice. All around nice. Christi said a few things that stuck with me, about capturing the essence of the holiday & bringing that feeling through the rest of the year. Her husband Ryan gave me a Santa hat to wear for some pictures I was taking (blog post coming soon). He was like, “What? No Santa hat? Hold on.” and comes back with one for me. He didn’t HAVE to do that, but he did & I think that’s just SO NICE. Such a wonderful sense of community and Christmas cheer, how could you not support local?

This family is all about repurposing old things & giving them a new life. LIKE taking a license plate & making it into a basket, a wall decoration, or even a dust pan. I mean, HOW cool? They take things that no longer serve a purpose & create a purpose for them, that of a GREAT gift for someone on your list (or yourself, lol). From festive mason jar candles & homemade holiday treats to cozy accessories, you can find really unique gifts for loved ones, something you couldn’t get just anywhere.

I’ve been to Lily Mack Farm a few times now & they are always so welcoming. Everyone is in good spirits, picking out their Christmas trees, finding the perfect holiday gift, or drinking hot cocoa around the burn barrels. Lily Mack Farm is definitely the type of place where you stick around & hang out after browsing the festive shop, or picking out the perfect tree. The kind of place where strangers talk like old friends.

shop local

CAN you really have a bad time with THAT much festive cheer around? Don’t be a grinch, support local & shop small this season.

benefits of shopping small:

  1. Local shops help your community & give back more than big shops.
    • There was a collection jar & acorns hand-painted by the Guthrie kids that you could purchase to support kids in need. HOW WONDERFUL?
  2. Shopping small helps the economy & creates new jobs.
    • LIKE at Lily Mack Farm, there were a bunch of college guys trimming the trees & strapping them to people’s cars for them. A great job for winter break!
    local business
    • Local businesses are typically run by families & since they make a lot of their own products, you can chat with the owners & learn more!
  4. Small shops help build a sense of community.
    • People come together, get their holiday shopping done, and talk, about Christmas, the community, anything really.
  5. It feels GOOD to support local business!
    • Much better than wandering around the mall buying from people you’ll never meet.


In da comments let me know if you’re done with your holiday shopping, OR just getting started!





  1. I LOVE small businesses! They make the experience so much more personable then going to Nordstrom or another corporate store (not that I am hating on Nordstrom because I do love their stuff…but still!) I love that they gave you a Santa hat and were so welcoming to you! ❤

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