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HEY HI HELLO this is actually don’t give a jam’s first BLOG post of 2019. I’ve been vlogging, but I haven’t blogged much lately, cuz of life & stuff. HERE today with a style post & wanna say THANK YOU for reading, THANK YOU for watching, thank you for giving a jam. I kinda skipped January, but it’s a long, silly month anyways, lol. SO here’s an outfit of the day, a hand-me-down hoodie from my grampa, some ethical fashion for ya, AN OUTFIT AND AN UPDATE.

I’M NOT SURE what to say, getting over a breakup is something most people do at one point or another, but this was not your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter, regular-old-normal-old breakup. It’s actually one heck of a story, but not one for today, it doesn’t have an ending yet. SO my life & blog are going through a bit of a re-brand, but I do have some cool stuff planned. MILEY CYRUS once said ‘nothing breaks like a heart’ SO I have some healing to do & some BIG healing energy to put out into the universe.

ethical fashion:

ONTO my hand-me-down outfit because I THINK being conscious about your fashion choices counts as putting good energy into the universe. This giant, oversized hoodie belonged to my grampa & if you’re sitting there thinking, ‘it seems like this girl has a lot of secondhand clothing then yeah, you’re right. Total sucker for some sustainable fashion, love hand-me-downs & love keeping things in my closet for SO LONG that they become vintage. I paired this oversized Champion hoodie with a bomber jacket from ASOS, patterned tights, fuzzy socks, Doc Martens (PSA: kid sizes are 1/2 the price) and a Pat the Patriot pom beanie, go Pats.

I WANNA SAY a big thanks to my TOP COMMENTERS:

street style


  • SOME people are surprised to hear I have a YouTube channel you can subscribe to with all my videos! SO if you wanna WATCH & SUBSCRIBE, both are totally FREE.99 & I post mostly VLOGS, but also mukbangs and other stuff.
  • THE world can be really cool, but it can also be a real scary place. SO be safe, look out for yourself & check in on your friends. AND if you ever need to chat (OR COLLAB), head over to my contact page & tell me what’s up.
  • I’M gonna post MONDAYS & THURSDAYS with a blog post and a vlog respectively. SO LET ME KNOW what you wanna see!


COMMENT BELOW, let me know what you wanna see from don’t give a jam this year! Something you want more of, less of, or something brand new? LET ME KNOW.




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