that awkward moment

A NEW series on don’t give a jam, TAM with JAM, like that awkward moment. I can be kinda awkward roaming around in my day-to-day life & I feel like those cringey moments are wasted if not shared. SO since we ALL do embarrassing stuff sometimes AND it’s good to laugh at yourself, I bring you TAM with JAM.

that awkward moment:

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT … when I ordered a breakfast sandwich & a latte. The guy gave me my drink, I said ‘thanks’ all good, normal stuff. Then he gave me my breakfast sandwich & said, “Enjoy!” AND I, of course, instantly replied with, “Thanks, YOU TOO.”

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT … I was strutting confidently towards a job interview and the woman showing me around politely told me my SKIRT was TUCKED INTO my tights. SO I had been walking around with my ass on display, good. BUT I did get the job, so.

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT … when it was my first day working the slush cart at an amusement park & a guy gave me $100 for two slushees. I had to do all the math in my head & got nervous, so I legit just STARED at this guy & was like ‘uhh.’ SO another guy in line had to HELP ME FIGURE OUT the correct change. SO awkward, much cringe.

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT … I had blood drawn & the phlebotomist wiggled the needle around a little MORE than I like & I started to cry a little, like just that my eyes teared up. 👀 I’M A hard blood draw, SO he had to stick both arms. THEN AFTER he felt bad that I’m a little baby and gave me a PANDA STICKER, lol. Kinda did make me feel better though.

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT … I mentioned this one in my chick-fil-a mukbang, I was picked last for teams in a gym class of like a hundred kids in middle school (I think). THEN when I was walking over to join my team I TRIPPED on one of those orange cones, ALMOST fell and EVERYONE laughed.


COMMENT BELOW SO I know I’m not alone in this, tell me one of your awkward or embarrassing moments!



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