what if friends happened today

IT SEEMS THE SHOW FRIENDS is becoming popular with a new audience & everyone is binge-watching this classic 90’s series on Netflix. I WATCHED it with my dad when I was a kid & I’ve kept watching throughout the years. It’s just one of those feel-good shows that’s relaxing to have playing in the background, especially if you’ve seen every episode like 100 times. I SAW A PICTURE on the internet about how different it might be if FRIENDS happened today & had to blog about it. IMAGINE how hilarious their group chat would be?

if friends happened today…


  • Rachel would have a really great Instagram feed full of all her chic & fashion-forward outfits.
  • I feel like she gives off fashion blogger vibes & she could share all her favorite fresh-off-the-runway styles.


  • if friends filmed today
    The whole ‘break’ thing wouldn’t have happened because there wouldn’t be a payphone at the bar & the music was too loud, he would have just texted Rachel. It could have ALL been solved with just one simple text.
  • His ex-wife Carol could get re-married to her partner Susan. Pretty cool.


  • Monica would totally be obsessed with the whole Hinch cleaning method thing & she would be Marie Kondo-ing all over the apartment, getting rid of anything that didn’t spark joy.
  • Her Instagram feed would be full of amazing dishes that she had cooked up in the kitchen.


  • Chandler would be huge on Twitter, sending out his hilarious one-liners & eventually going viral.
  • I could definitely see Chandler being a juul type of guy while he was trying to quit smoking.
  • Janice would constantly be stalking his social media. 10/10 would for sure be accidentally liking Chandler’s old posts while scrolling.


  • She would have a YouTube channel full of all her zany songs and maybe even some vegetarian (or vegan!) recipes.
  • She would be a thrifting queen for sure, finding all the best fashions & homeware for her apartment.


  • Joey would be huge on Tinder and the chick & duck would, without a doubt, make it onto his profile.
  • When he wasn’t acting or dating, he would definitely be playing Fortnite with Chandler.

p.s. I GUESS it should be noted that a lot of the jokes made in FRIENDS aren’t widely accepted anymore. From fat-shaming to toxic relationships, humor has changed a lot since the first episode aired like 25 years ago. IF YOU’re a younger person going to watch this for the first time, just be aware that not all of the jokes are considered appropriate so many years later. ✌🏻


COMMENT BELOW, let me know what YOU THINK would be different if friends was filmed today!


JAM ⭐️


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