get ready with meLAST WEEK I hopped on a flight to San Diego, California to visit a friend from college for her birthday! Visiting Cali has been on my bucket list for forever & I am SO HAPPY I was finally able to make it over there. SO here’s a get ready with me, a casual & minimal makeup look AND outfit for a sunny day. Get ready with me in CALI with this everyday makeup look & thrifted outfit, plus a quick appearance from a dank Cali burrito.

IF you’ve got FOUR MINUTES to spare I would really love for you to WATCH & SUBSCRIBE. There’s at least one CALI VLOG coming next week, but for now I wanted to try out the whole GET READY WITH ME thing. We were headed out to explore so I wanted a quick & easy makeup look and a layered outfit cuz I’m ALWAYS cold. IF you’re watching this & you’re like, ‘oh wow her shorts are super cute’ WELL they’re vintage Fossil jeans that I thrifted & turned into shorts, so CHECK OUT that thrift flip in my THRIFT WITH ME video if you wanna see how I did it. SO YEAH watch if ya want & subscribe if ya like, both are totally FREE.99!


IN DA COMMENTS let me know what sort of vacation you’ve been craving! Where do you want to travel?

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JAM ☀️



  1. I have never been to California. In fact, I have only been to New York City in America but I would love to go as it looks so beautiful and the beaches look stunning. All of your Instagram posts from California are definitely goals-worthy.
    For my next trip, I would love to travel to Greece or Ireland. Ireland because I have never been yet it is so close to England and Greece because I am rewatched The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants yesterday and it reminded me of how beautiful Santorini is. How about you?

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    1. i’ve been to NYC, but it wasn’t my favorite! cool spot, but SO many people. cali is gorgeous & everyone was super nice, definitely take a trip if you get the chance ☀️ oooh some good picks for sure 🙌🏻 i’ve always wanted to visit the UK!

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