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IN TRUE 90s kid fashion, I am ALL IN on the lip gloss trend. DON’T get me wrong, sticky lip gloss drives me ABSOLUTELY mad, BUT when it’s done right (& not sticky), a glossy lip is my second favorite lip-look after a swipe of plain old lip balm. THIS is my current go-to gloss, the GLOSSIER LIP GLOSS, it’s what I’ve been reaching for the most lately. SO IF you’ve been looking for a cruelty-free lip gloss for your 90s aesthetic fix, THEN here are my thoughts on the GLOSSIER LIP GLOSS.

glossier lip gloss review:

glossier review

is completely cruelty-free & I find their makeup lends to a more natural look, which I like. I love a glossy lip & I love to support a brand that doesn’t test on animals, SO I gave this LIP GLOSS a try & spoiler: it did NOT disappoint.

THIS GLOSS is so cute & I LOVE the simple packaging. It doesn’t really have much of a smell to it, until I thought about it & then maybe, I think, a hint of vanilla. It’s not gloppy or sticky, it goes on smooth & has vitamin E, which means it’s a lip gloss with extra moisture & I DO appreciate the extra in life. ALSO your hair might get in it a little if it’s windy, but it doesn’t really stick to it, so that’s good. It’s wicked glossy, but not sticky, as far as glosses go. It’s pretty long-lasting & could stay for a few hours if you weren’t eating/drinking much. It has a doe-foot applicator & I REALLY LIKE that it’s clear. I like the vibe of a naked glossy lip, especially in the warmer months.

lip gloss glossier

SINCE THIS lip gloss is clear, you can wear it alone, OR on top of a lipstick. It’s not a bad idea to have a good clear lip gloss in your collection, in my humble opinion. In this picture here, I put it on top of this Josie Maran sample of embrace it honey, which is one of those trendy lip plumping lipsticks, BUT what I like about a gloss is that, even when worn alone, it makes your lips look a bit fuller naturally.

going cruelty-free?

  • SOMETHING I suggest is to slowly phase things out so you don’t feel wasteful. Like, if you’re in the middle of a bottle of shampoo that isn’t cruelty-free, then obviously finish the shampoo, BUT do some research before it’s gone & buy from a cruelty-free brand next time.
  • SOME brands I like that DON’T test on animals:
  • Glossier, DUH.
  • LUSH – I use a LOT of Lush products from shampoo to skincare. Daddy-O purple shampoo, grease lightning & the tea tree toner water are a few of my favorite things.
  • TooFaced – I use their primed & poreless primer!
  • Physician’s Formula – UGH, their butter bronzer is amazing.
  • NYX – a GREAT drugstore option, I have quite a few things from NYX!
  • ColourPop – another wonderful & affordable option & their lipsticks are SO GOOD.
  • Verb – I use their ghost oil & I REALLY like it. ALSO for anyone that bleaches their hair, this is a good hair oil option because it’s clear, so it won’t deposit any color. ALSO, the name is cool.
  • Milani – LUMINOSO, the only drugstore blush in my eyes.
  • Becca – my OTHER favorite lip gloss the BECCA LIPTUITIVE GLOW GLOSS.
glossier lip gloss


COMMENT BELOW, tell me all about your favorite lip gloss, bonus points if it’s from an ethical brand!




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