that awkward moment

IT IS TIME for another TAM WITH JAM, like that awkward moment. I LOVED the comment section on my last tam with jam & I absolutely encourage you to share your own awkward moments in the comments. WE ALL do embarrassing stuff sometimes, you just have to learn to laugh about it. AND LAUGH WE SHALL, here’s TAM WITH JAM.

that awkward moment:

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT… I was zooming around on my first ever go kart ride, having the best time ever, when I heard the bell, the bell to stop & return your kart. SO I drove over to where you’re supposed to park your kart, but the brakes wouldn’t work & ALL of the workers were yelling at me to stop & I ended up crashing into a pile of tires. I don’t ride go karts anymore.

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT… When I was at a wedding reception & as I was walking across the lawn, I slipped on my wedges & fell down on my bum, my dress flying up as I went down. WHEN I looked up there was a family watching me, so I’m pretty sure I accidentally flashed them a bit.

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT… In one of my college classes we had to go around the room & share how our weekend went. One of the times I talked about going to a concert & this guy was like, “Ugh, I hate that band.” SO I looked over at him & had to awkwardly be like, “lolol okay, but my Uncle’s in that band.” ✌🏻

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT… Some months ago I got a letter in the mail, from MYSELF. I was trying to send a letter, but I had accidentally put the addresses in the wrong spots on the envelope. SO I had to go back to the post office & pay to have it sent again, lol.

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT… One time when I was like 5 I was walking around the house wearing my mum’s heels, as you do. AND she was like, “OKAY just don’t try to walk down the cellar stairs.” LOL AND SO obviously I did try to go down the stairs, then I slipped, fell & got wedged IN-BETWEEN the wall & the staircase. My dad had to come lift me out & I had scrapes all over my legs, but mostly I just felt like an idiot.


COMMENT BELOW, please share an embarrassing story, or let me know which awkward moment is most relatable to you!


JAM ðŸ‘½

47 thoughts on “TAM WITH JAM (2)

  1. Aww bless you! I think we all have embarrassing moments at times 😂A recent one that happened to me was in new look and I was in the queue to pay for some scrunchies. I was in my own world and didn’t realise the girl working the till wanted me to come to her to pay until everyone in the queue and at the tills were staring at me. It was a bit awkward to say the least 😂xx

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