that awkward moment

ANOTHER installment of TAM WITH JAM. Sharing some awkward moments so you can laugh with me, or at me. PER USUAL you’re encouraged to share your own awkward moments in the comments, it honestly makes my damn day when you do. YOU gotta laugh at yourself, ONTO the awkward moments.

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT… When I dressed up as Darth Vader for Halloween in first grade. There were a few other kids wearing the same costume & the only way my parents could tell me apart in the costume parade was because I was the smallest Darth Vader. PLUS my hair was sticking out the back of my mask.

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT… I wore a white sweater to work & spilled pink juice all over myself like, right away, first thing in the morning. I ended up going over to a local craft store & buying a plain t-shirt to wear. CRISIS averted.

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT… When you trick-or-treat something that looks really good, but your parents don’t let you eat it. LIKE one time this lady was giving out popcorn balls & I wasn’t allowed to eat it cuz ‘what if there were razorblades in there.’

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT… When I was hiking down a mountain and rolled my ankle. I made it all the way down, went out for lunch, tried to ignore it. BUT it ended up being sprained & I had to crutch around my college campus for weeks.

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT… I was at the eye doctors & they gave me contact samples that were way stronger than my prescription. When I tried them I kid you not I’m pretty sure I could actually see sounds.


COMMENT BELOW & tell me about your own awkward moment! BONUS points if it’s spooky.



44 thoughts on “TAM WITH JAM (3)

  1. Ahahah I LOVE this!! My life it just one awkward experience 😂I am THAT person that awkwardly tells employees at movie theatres “you too!” after being told to enjoy my movie haha. I have to consciously try to remember to take a moment before responding when at the movies!

    As for recent awkwardness, I managed to spill hot coffee onto my crotch during work within the first 15 mins of sitting down – kind of like your shirt situation BUT I wore my pants for the rest of the day!!! It was awful but it made all of my coworkers laugh, so I was happy to at least cheer everyone else up 🙂

    Hope your week is going well so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL yes, i’m that person too 😅 hahaha omg spilling coffee is never fun, but i love that you’re looking at the bright side! gotta laugh at the awkward moments (or provide a laugh lol)

      thanks for reading! i hope you’re having a wonderful week as well 💛


  2. Bwahahaa love these! And girl the struggle at the eye doctor is SO real! I have been having issues with my eyes and have had to go back several times because they can not seem to get the contact right.
    I remember peoples faces, even if I have only meant you once I will recognize you (though don’t ask me for a name because that is a while other story) and I am always saying hi to people who then look at me like who the expletive are you? But then I am also like I don’t know your name just your face, so we are even lol. ❤


    1. lolol the eye doctor can be SO awkward 😂 i hope they get your contact right soon, that’s so frustrating!! hahaha omg i can see how that could get awkward! thanks for sharing your own awkward moment 💛


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