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I HAVE neck/back pain, it’s from a car accident I was in SO many years ago. Some days are good & some days are not so good. I’M NOT the biggest fan of taking pain relievers & what-not, so I’ve figured out some natural pain remedies that work for me. I THOUGHT I would share some in case anyone is looking for natural pain relief ideas.



  • MY MUM made me a bunch of essential oils that I like to use when I’m having a bad back day. SHE MIXED oils together & they all serve different purposes (like headaches, or soreness). THERE’S also a bunch of oils like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc. that are really beneficial, especially for sore muscles.


  • IN MY WORLD everyone has a favorite topical pain relief cream, or gel. I USED to use Biofreeze & now I use a more natural version of that from a local shop, plus I’m a huge fan of Bengay.


  • I ACTUALLY tried acupuncture & went to two sessions. BOTH times I went home after & slept for hours. WHEN I told the guy it was making me that tired he said it wasn’t really normal & that maybe acupuncture wasn’t for me. BUT it might be for you, I’ve heard good things.


  • HONESTLY heat & ice are amazing when you’re in pain. I HAVE one of those aromatherapy heat & ice packs, it lays on my shoulders & it’s perfect.


  • AND PILATES, really any exercise that doesn’t hurt you is good. I definitely prefer a more gentle exercise. Moving a bit can sometimes help soreness, but don’t push it, listen to your body & be careful.


  • MEDITATING is a great way to feel less stressed & more balanced, which can lead to a healthier overall body & mindset. It’s a time for relaxing & reflecting, I find it really beneficial. I WROTE a post with some helpful meditation tips if you wanna know more!


  • I MEAN, I’m just saying, if you’re in a lot of pain maybe physical therapy is the best answer. YOU MIGHT have to go through a couple different types of physical therapy before you find the right fit, but it can be really helpful.


COMMENT BELOW & let me know your go-to for natural pain relief!



23 thoughts on “7 NATURAL PAIN REMEDIES

  1. How interesting about the acupuncture making you so tired. I thought it would be a good thing until I read the acupuncturist said it wasn’t normal. I wonder what it was doing to you!

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  2. I am always a huge fan of promoting heat and ice therapy as well as yoga/pilates because both of them are natural remedies which can help to reduce pain but also can keep you moving to stop you from getting stiff which can lead to more pain. Stretching and strength building exercises which yoga and pilates both consist of are the basis of some Physiotherapy exercises so are definitely beneficial.
    Hope the good pain days outweigh the bad pain days.

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