Netflix Original – Stranger Things

stranger things reviewSince Monday’s post was a rant about Netflix getting rid of all the good shows, I figured it only made sense to write my Stranger Things 2 review today! It’s a Netflix Original, in case you haven’t heard of it for some reason. I’ve watched the second season twice & I’m ready to share my low-spoiler thoughts. Let’s do dis. Continue reading “Netflix Original – Stranger Things”

OOTD – Chai Latte Layers

cold weather layers OOTDWhen it starts getting chilly, I like to throw on a beanie, wrap myself in a blanket scarf & sip something warm. So, for my 200th post I thought I’d share an outfit of the day with lots of layers and a chai latte. If you haven’t had one, it kinda tastes like Christmas. Thought I’d try something a bit different today, so I put together a little video of my OOTD rather than sharing pictures. ENJOY & lemme know what ya think! Continue reading “OOTD – Chai Latte Layers”

Dear Netflix, Stop Getting Rid of All The Good Shows

it's always sunny in philadelphiaOKAY, enough. Netflix has gotta stop caring more about having exclusive rights to shows than about having shows people wanna watch. Taking away 3 of my top 5 favorite shows in the matter of a few months is too much. Emergency blog topic change, let’s do dis. Continue reading “Dear Netflix, Stop Getting Rid of All The Good Shows”