Empties – AKA Trash Hoarding

empties reviewIt’s been a couple months since my last empties post & I’ve been hoarding my trash to review! I really enjoy a good empties post because it’s nice to hear someone’s opinion on a product after they’ve used it all up & whether or not they’d buy it again. So, who wants to look at my trash? Let’s do dis. Continue reading “Empties – AKA Trash Hoarding”

Samples I’d Buy Full Sizes Of

samples I'd buy full sizes ofSamples are great cuz you get to try out a bunch of different products, plus it’s a pretty good way to know what you h8 & what you love. Beautyholics101 posted 5 samples I will buy a full size of & I just loved the idea so much! I posted a comment & Hailey told me ‘feel free to do this post as well’ so I’m doing it. Here’s some samples I’d buy in full size. Continue reading “Samples I’d Buy Full Sizes Of”

Review – Burt’s Bees Sheet Mask

burt's bees sheet mask reviewI was looking around Target the other week and saw that Burt’s Bees had come out with some sheet masks. There’s a hydrating one, a purifying one, and a rejuvenating eye mask. Target only had this one, so hydrating sheet mask it is. I’ve never tried a sheet mask, so I thought it was about time to give it a go! Continue reading “Review – Burt’s Bees Sheet Mask”

Nighttime Skincare Routine

nighttime skincare routineLast month I posted my morning skincare routine & I think it’s about time I share my nighttime skincare routine as well. Two of these products are the same, call me crazy, but if it works I’m putting it on my face morning AND night. My skin is super sensitive, so I try to stick to more natural products. Here’s what I put on my face at night!

Continue reading “Nighttime Skincare Routine”