Review – Burt’s Bees Sheet Mask

burt's bees sheet mask reviewI was looking around Target the other week and saw that Burt’s Bees had come out with some sheet masks. There’s a hydrating one, a purifying one, and a rejuvenating eye mask. Target only had this one, so hydrating sheet mask it is. I’ve never tried a sheet mask, so I thought it was about time to give it a go! Continue reading “Review – Burt’s Bees Sheet Mask”

Nighttime Skincare Routine

nighttime skincare routineLast month I posted my morning skincare routine & I think it’s about time I share my nighttime skincare routine as well. Two of these products are the same, call me crazy, but if it works I’m putting it on my face morning AND night. My skin is super sensitive, so I try to stick to more natural products. Here’s what I put on my face at night!

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Trying Glossier Stuff & Review

glossier review blogI hadn’t tried any Glossier stuff & it was time to change that. So I went through their site and got some of the more popular stuff I had heard about. I landed on boy brow, cloud paint & balm dotcom. Glossier is cruelty free & I really like their vibe (also their packaging 🙌🏻). Their products give a more natural look, which really lets your own beauty shine through. So I tried these products & I have thoughts to share!

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Morning Skincare Routine – Collab w/ Shelby

morning skincare routineFirst of all, RIP to my pink scrunchie that I lost in a dressing room. If ya read the title, you’ll know this is a collab with Shelby who blogs lifestyle and makeup, go check her out! She’s real nice and her blog is fun to read. Over on her blog you can find her nighttime skincare routine for those hot summer nights. And here we go, all the stuff I put on my face first thing in the morning.

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