Holiday Food & Drink – Collab with Glücksgeist (Blogmas Day 13)

holiday food and drinkAnn-Kathrin messaged me on Insta asking if I wanted to collab & I was so excited! Over on her blog she’s talking about some German stuff she likes to eat in December, go check it out. She’s so lovely and she blogs about baking, beauty, fashion & more. I like her blog & you might too! So, we’re gonna do a little food comparison, let’s talk about what I like to eat during the holidays.

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Netflix Original – A Christmas Prince (Blogmas Day 12)

Netflix A Christmas PrinceDecember means my Netflix Original review is a holiday special. I was SO excited to see Rose McIver (the girl from iZombie) in this one, knew I hadda watch & review it. I’m gonna try to talk about A Christmas Prince without spoiling too much, but honestly, it’s not a hard plot line to figure out lol. Let’s do dis. Continue reading “Netflix Original – A Christmas Prince (Blogmas Day 12)”

OOTD – Pizza Beanie (Blogmas Day 11)

My friend Jackie gave me this beanie as an early Christmas present & I love it. I like clothes that are a bit weird & this beanie is definitely unique. It snowed this weekend, so I put together an outfit that would work in the cold & snowy weather. I wore this to lunch & I stayed warm & cozy. Pepperoni pizza beanie OOTD, let’s do dis. Continue reading “OOTD – Pizza Beanie (Blogmas Day 11)”

Baked Chex Mix Recipe (Blogmas Day 10)

baked chex mix recipeBrett always talks about this chex mix his mum used to make, so I texted her & she sent me the recipe! I made this yesterday during the snow storm, so it was the perfect time to be by the stove (for 3 hours) to make this treat. Perfect to bring to a party, put in tins to hand out to friends & family, or to snack on during movie night! Brett’s fave baked chex mix recipe, let’s do dis. Continue reading “Baked Chex Mix Recipe (Blogmas Day 10)”